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  1. Weird things happen when you are in games details view and attractmode starts as well.
  2. Any igame settings that connect to the grey box with the launchbox logo in the middle? Either this or can you use a fallbackvalue/targetnullvalue for CustomImageType?
  3. game has to be borderless fullscreen. and the issue with that is the most devs on pc games don't include resolution change while in borderless window mode. But some do, very few. so when in this mode, game will look more pixelated than usual. Gedosato can help with most of that.
  4. I am home now for the moment. Just added it and that was it. Thank you. Double checked jason's doc quote earlier and the docs again and I can confirm CoverFactory="{Binding CoverFactory}" is not present in the example. Y2guru's example in which he said worked also excluded this. Now with it added, it now works. And now ppl, you can see that I am not a troll nor senile Edit: I can also confirm the hyphen at the end of the game name before the suffix is fine as long as it's the game name, but the extensions of -01,-01,-02, etc. will not make the images show up. So if transferring from launchbox images, those have to be cut out. But that's not a problem since there's no randomization in the wheel images. Thanks again faeran!
  5. Ill try that when i get home but the documentation excluded it so that's why i took it out. Ill let you know what happens.
  6. Refreshed images. Still same thing. No wheel population.
  7. I'm gonna just post images of a totally different game with nothing in it but letters. hold on.
  8. So what you're telling me is, the upper right game name doesn't say Black Rock Shooter -The Game- in THIS picture????? Because it's clearly there. Just forget it, I'll just wait for eatkinola this is insane.
  9. It clearly says that is the name right there in the screenshot I just posted! Are you saying it uses data base names or something? Because when the file is in the normal launchbox location as it was named at first, it works fine. You have even have the files! The screenshot clearly says the name is Black Rock Shooter -The Game-
  10. I just went ahead and changed the filename to: Black Rock Shooter -The Game-.png still nothing in the wheel. Works just fine in launchbox location though when not using custom.
  11. already did it. and already tested other games. same thing happens (if youre talking about the dash). For the -01 are you saying that this is no longer supported here like it is in the main launchbox directory (well randomization doesn't work on wheels but it still pulls the image in the normal launchbox location?
  12. yeah so it created a ghost category with all games counted inside of it. i know what I see. I deleted the ghost category via the files in the data folder. first time it ever happened and i was just letting you know. This wasnt a question, it was a statement. in the data folder, unknown platform.xml was there. so i deleted it and all was fine. But the new update did in fact create that. not me.
  13. 'My Theme' is just saying insert whatever your theme name is just like the documentation. So if the theme is called 1234, then you as the reader would replace 'My Theme' with 1234. I dont understand the confusion. But here is what you requested: Again, you asked me where I put the images and I said: E:\Users\'My Name'\My Documents\Games\MAIN\LaunchBox\Themes\'My Theme'\Images\Games\Steam Banner\Sony Playstation Portable\ which means: E:\Users\H Remy\My Documents\Games\MAIN\LaunchBox\Themes\Default3\Images\Games\Steam Banner\Sony Playstation Portable\ Proof of path: In BB (No wheel population):
  14. I just posted the answer to that when you asked a few moments ago ^
  15. Ive been looking at the documentations for days. What you just copy and pasted is no different from what I just copy and pasted. theme-specific set of images from a folder images from your LaunchBox collection What's the difference? Whether or not I name the folder steam banner or 1234, the images aren't loading from the location I listed above. The path I just posted is trying to pull images from the location that the documentation says.
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