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  1. Re Euro-Contra; yeah I get that, I was just surprised that there was no Contra Clear Logo and it used that instead. And thx, the edit 'make default' options works. I saw that but didn't use it because when I hit it, it doesn't change the values in the current dialog, so still looked like it was using hispanic version. Only once you hit OK and close the dialog does it seem to be reflected.
  2. Ok thx, I think there may be a couple issues here as I dig in. 1. Maybe some bad image data in emumovies; I noticed the clear logo for Contra is showing 'probotector', but maybe that is just what's on emumovies. 2. It's unclear how launchbox is prioritizing games when imported. Sometimes (most of the time?) it seems to be what I want, prioritizing US/NorthAmerican regions as I specified in region priorities, but then there are others where it makes strange selections. For instance, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo has the 'Hispanic' version set as the default, even though there is a USA version available. Also, I'm not sure how to even switch it to make the USA version the main one and have the hispanic version move to 'additional apps'. Thanks!
  3. Ah you're right, thx, it is being imported as buster brothers from bbros.zip. Interesting that pang.zip is ignored.
  4. I've recently just imported a verified full set for mame for the latest version of mame, 2.11. I really appreciate having the feature in launchbox to automatically filter out non-working games; adult games, etc. However, I'm not at all clear where it's getting this info from. As the data changes with each Mame release, how is launchbox staying up to date? I imagine the best way would be for launchbox to run the installed mame executable to build it's list, but I'm not sure that it's doing that. I have noticed at least one example of a game that is working in Mame that doesn't show up after a full import, 'Pang'. When you look up the rom in mame, it is classified as fully working, and sure enough it runs no problem. However, it's nowhere to be found in launchbox after a full import, which leads me to believe it's being filtered out by one it's rules during import. Any idea why this is happening?
  5. I'm having the same issue on launchbox 9.9; consolidate is missing games with the same name and leaving them as separate.
  6. I'm also struggling with the region priorities; opened a thread here , My understanding is that at present region priorities are only for media, not versions of games, but even then I'm not seeing correct behavior. As an example, G-Loc: Air Battle for Sega Game Gear is using the 'G-LOC_ Air Battle-01' box front image from the Japan folder, even though there is a North American version, and I do have NA listed above japan in my region priorities config.
  7. Thanks for referring me to that thread, I'll post comments there.
  8. Thanks @DOS76, I'll see if I can raise this as a bug then.
  9. @DOS76, launchbox offers the option to prioritize and select/deselect regions. Does it not seem reasonable to assume that that feature would prioritize default version of the game when there are multiple?
  10. Thanks for the replies! @DOS76, wrt consolidation, I meant the option that launchbox offers under 'Tools -> Consolidate ROMS for {platform}'. @neil9000, that's about what I expected. It seems to me that it ought to do a final pass once it has all the DB info and consolidate off DB names if the merge option was selected. Kind of confused me why it wasn't happening that way. Thoughts?
  11. Hi there, I'm not clear how the 'combine roms with matching titles into a single game' during the import process works. I would have expected this to function the same as the 'Consolidate Rom' feature post-import, but they seem to function differently. If I run consolidate after an import in which I've combined roms, launchbox will find a few more matching titles to consolidate. I think what's happening is that during import, it bases it off rom-name, but on consolidate it's based on the name coming from the game db. For example, these two roms were left separate during import - Wonder Boy - The Dragon's Trap (Europe) - Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap (Europe) (Beta) However, they are combined during consolidate I believe because they both have the name in launchbox starting with 'Wonder Boy - The Dragon's Trap'. Could anyone shed light on this? Is this an oversight? I'd love to be able to not have to consolidate post-import and just have it happen as part of the 'combine roms' feature.
  12. Hi there, I've been noticing that a lot of times Launchbox tends to prioritize regions that I wouldn't expect based on my settings. I've selected 5 regions in the region priorities and ordered them as so: - US - North America - World - Europe - Japan Based on this, I would expect launchbox to prioritize US over Japan for images, and use US as the default option when merging multi-region ROMs. However as an example, I have G-Loc Air Battle on Gamegear. There are three versions of the rom: - G-LOC - Air Battle (Japan) (Rev 1) - G-LOC - Air Battle (Japan) - G-LOC - Air Battle (USA, Europe, Brazil) Launchbox is prioritizing The first one, (Japan) (Rev 1), but I would prefer the version including USA. Maybe it's not working because Europe and Brazil are also present, or because of the (Rev 1)? Please help!
  13. Seems sensible. My use case is that the cabinet I'm installing this one has this one separate 'back' button that would be perfect for this. Setting it up at work, so would be great if I didn't have to explain to everyone that you need to press two buttons together to pull up the menu.
  14. Thanks but I don't think it's that; when I bind the hold button then the two-button combination works. It seems like the Controller Automation is set to not fire if you don't have a hold button set.
  15. I've recently started enjoying the Controller Automation feature; it's a great way to pause a running game and pull up a manual, reset, or close the game! However, it seems like you have to set a 'hold button', otherwise the 'show pause screen' option doesn't work. If i clear the binding on 'hold button', then I can't get 'show pause screen' to work any more. I'd love it if I could pull this up with one button. Is that possible? Thanks!
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