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  1. Thanks, So I do use a program to sync files, it's called 'goodsync'. I don't want to give that up as I rely on it to keep my launchbox installs in sync across machines.
  2. Any ideas? Should I just delete the theme and re-install? I installed this theme from the in-app theme browser, so I'd assume those should be stable..
  3. Here are some concise debug logs from a session with the error. Looks like there's an error, Could not find file 'C:\emulation\LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Images\Theme\Background\_Default.png'. Debug 2021-08-04 04-09-35 PM.log
  4. Here are some concise debug logs from a session with the error. Looks like there's an error, Could not find file 'C:\emulation\LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Images\Theme\Background\_Default.png'. Debug 2021-08-04 04-09-35 PM.log
  5. enabling debug logs.. more details to follow!
  6. So, it's still happening here w/ Unified theme (have seen it with most others too). Attached screenshots of core folder before (when error occurred), and after (after launchbox shutdown) and a screen showing the error within launchbox. Please let me know if I can supply any other details.
  7. So, looks like shutting it down and restarting a couple times did the trick! I will take a screenshot of that folder and share next time the issue happens. I do notice it changes a lot at run-time with short-cuts being created and deleted afterwards.
  8. Any further suggestions? Just downloaded unified theme from within bigbox on 11.15 and getting all sorts of those errors.
  9. It's NTFS, thanks for the quick reply!
  10. I just tried downloading the cityhunter 2 theme from within bigbox. While navigating through I frequently see the attached exception. If looked for the file and it does exist (also attached). I'm on the latest launchbox as of the time of this posting (11.4). ListBoxItemStyle.xaml
  11. Thanks for the help so far! I do have a g-sync monitor, and tried disabling that. It does seem a bit smoother, but still not quite as smooth as when I'm on my other machine running the 60hz TV.. The PC w/ the issues is no slouch.. Modern CPU, lots of memory, 2070super, nvme drive. It's a two monitor machine, 1st is the gsync, ultra-wide at 3440x1440, and the 2nd is a 4k 3840x2160. Knowing what I know now about the rendering approach, I decided to just try cranking it up to 200hz (even though I don't have a 200hz monitor), and it's buttery smooth now. I re-enabled gsync, kept it at 200hz, and it's still quite good. So, I guess that's a workable solution, just crank it as high as it can go. That said, is there an open issue for the gsync bug? Feels like that would be good to address regardless. And I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who's been thrown for a loop on this.. I get you don't want to tax the CPU on older machines, but I've been using Launchbox/BigBox for years now and didn't know that this was a way to 'fix' the performance... I figured the refresh rate was supposed to try and match your monitor, and the 60hz=optimal setting was also a bit confusing. Not sure what the right solution is.. you probably wouldn't want to default to 200hz for everyone, but it is such an improvement in my experience having tried it I bet others could benefit. Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. Hi there, I've noticed that on my 110hz, ultra-wide monitor, big-box seems fairly jerky. Animations look like they're running more like 20 FPS at times. When I run the same install off my 60hz TV, it's very smooth. It seems odd to be to have to manually set the FPS to match the display.. Couldn't it just have traditional options, like target-FPS, or maximum FPS.. or I wonder if it really needs an option at all. Just run smoothly please! Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems odd...
  13. Hi there, Is there a way to choose which version of an image is used when multiple exist? For instance, many games have multiple 3D Box images, and often they are of 2 distinct designs. I would like to ensure when viewing 3D boxes that I see the same designs for each game. At present, I can't see how to choose which 3D box should be used for each game though, so it ends up being a mix of both in the display. Cheers,
  14. Hey all! So, I know this isn't a 'launchbox' specific problem, but thought someone in the community might have a good answer... I'm using google drive's desktop app to sync my retro setup (emulators plus launchbox and roms) to google drive. It performs quite poorly with many small files, so w/ launchbox having sometimes hundreds of pieces of media per game it's not ideal. I was going to experiment with different services to see what's best, but maybe someone could recommend a service that excels at syncing many thousands of small files? Cheers
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