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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! I currently have Google Drive Sync installed as well as Mega Sync installed on my work laptop as those are the ones we use with work but what I was wondering do I have to copy all of my roms to the cloud to be able to play them off my main pc at home? Im just confused as to how Launchbox handles being in the cloud and running from a different pc. Does it still grab from the original file locations on my home pc and just run the program over the cloud? Or does it depend on the files being present with the program? I just haven't had a chance to test this out yet and was wondering if anyone has already. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hey all! First off id like to say I frikin LOVE Launchbox. Such an amazing program and am about to buy a license once I get everything set up and running. I have a couple of questions about running and using this fine program from google drive. I know the program itself is portable and can be run from dropbox or any other drive online but I'm more curious if I can use MY collection from MY pc when I run it via the cloud? I work A LOT out of town and have a decent laptop from work that I use (Dell XPS 15) but CANNOT have any foreign programs or drives plugged in for security reasons and would LOVE to be able to use my collection while on the road. I've got so many games from when I was a kid and would fricken love to play with co-workers on trips. if this isn't possible I'll bite the bullet and get a personal laptop but figured id ask here first! Thanks!!
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