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  1. Okay, I have finally solved the problem, and I'm going to edit the thread so that it has the solution for those who are struggling: This time, I have put the downloaded roms (not from Launchbox) into a seperate folder and it actually works, finally. It seems that copying the files to Launchbox/Games really does weird things to the roms. Thank you all for help. ^^
  2. Yes, tried the same core on the extracted retroarch and installed retroarch. The core I'm using is fbalpha.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/XYnRTZm.gif I did that, the King of Fighters was an example, still no dice.
  4. Okay, so I tried the cores and worked just fine on retroarch, but still no dice on Launchbox. And I also noticed something weird, when I tried to run the games on the Launchbox folder itself, the game won't load, so it must be the Launchbox folder's fault, right? BUT when I tried to import King of Fighters rom with its same place instead of copying to the launchbox thing, it still doesn't work.
  5. I literally finished 4 missions on Metal Slug II with the fbalpha core when using Retroarch on its own, save states ftw. ;p But it's the most weirdest thing I have ever experienced. I tried 6-pak on Launchbox and it works right, and I tried individual games (like Metal Slug and King of Fighters) on Retroarch alone and it works, but it won't happen when I use Launchbox. Which is pretty sad since LaunchBox is the most convenient launcher I have ever used.
  6. I did just that: Downloaded the archive package, extracted it, put it to somewhere apporpirated, copied the "cores" and "systems" which has everything from neo geo bios to the cores to the archive, then tried to run it. At first, Retroarch opened without using the said core, let alone playing the game, but when trying to run it again, still does nothing.
  7. Nope, its not in either Program Files (x86) or the Program Files in 64-bit, everything's literally in appdata.
  8. Yes, it's from AppData, the installation made it as its default.
  9. Hello there! I may be new today, but I have tried the LaunchBox and so far it amazes me. It's like a thing that you didn't know you needed! Anyhoo, as stated in this title, I had a problem trying to launch neo-geo games with RetroArch. It may sound familiar but when I try to open the app, it just does nothing even though I literally tried a genesis game just to check if I'm not doing anything wrong and the genesis game ran just fine on retroarch using launchbox. And if you askin', yes I tried a neo-geo on RetroArch itself and it worked fine. So I'm really baffled right now and any help would be very appreciated. Much thanks to you guys. Emulator Details: Associated Platforms (which includes the Neo Geo): RetroArch cores: Game when running using RetroArch only: Retroarch's version is 1.7.0. Solution: When importing ROMs, don't choose "Copy the files into Launchbox game folder", instead choose "Don't move."
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