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  1. @ClownClone Sir I follow your guide but after click Create I got this error, anyway to solve this?
  2. Well too bad that I do, it's not something big, I just want to like instead of use a spreadsheet or some games database websites to track your favorite games, I try to use the cover in Launchbox, a little more fun to me I guess
  3. Sir can you elaborate how to do it, I would like to try
  4. Yei I know that and I want to ask if there are anyway around it, or does somebody has a way to bulk download cover on other game database sites with good cover like mobygames and gameFAQs, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who want to collect game covers in the emulation community right?
  5. Is there anyway to download all launchbox database for a system, in example like I want to download all North America front - box cover for ps2, I love seeing the box cover, I want to keep the cover like a "collection", thank you
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