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  1. MrBrac

    Big box on 4k tv

    Can not have 60hz with HDR stuck with 30hz. I highly doubt the hz is effecting window size.
  2. MrBrac

    Big box on 4k tv

    I got nvidia 1080ti here and my monitor is already set up for HDR 4k its 4k30HZ. Its not issue with my set up as games already work on my tv with my + 3 monitors. Its issue with Big Box.
  3. MrBrac

    Big box on 4k tv

    I have a lot issues with my 4 k tv with bigbox. I am running 4 monitors , 3 1080ps and 1 4k tv. BB works on all 3 1080ps. When it goes to the TV it fills 1/4th of the screen.
  4. MrBrac


    Hey I had so many problems with my VM namely nvidia shutting my vm gpu down. That I never got around to making big box work on my windows 10 vm. Though it did have massive lag and did not perform well in this environmen at all. Unraid pretty good but chaotic when your new. I got my media server all set up. One day I will get the games working.
  5. So I got a unraid server now and I use plex on a windows 10 VM and I would like to push my retro games to it as well. I have a lot trouble running LB or BigBox to start up. My server specs are i7-4790k , 32gb ram , 1050 nvidia gpu. Win 10 vm is on a ssd while programs are on my array. I get LB to load after while BigBox takes a long time to load if it would load. https://gyazo.com/37cc322b2c782664251243caec083223 got this error. Just got it to load gonna be a work in progress to make it stable. But my win 10 vm is pretty fast. Will report back results.
  6. Yeah, I know but then would I not have issues with a lot more of my programs? I did some googling and I found the issue was rampant on earlier ver of RA but I am on 1.7.1. IDK I am rebuilding my pc soon.
  7. Except for its just retroarch that's what makes me go hmm?
  8. Crash on own, the gui does not even load. It's not the OpenGL vs d3d issue either. Something is off with it. Reboot solves makes me lead to think something with ram or something.
  9. Retroarch is the problem it will crash when this happens no matter what the cmd runs and crashes windows 10 circle shit. The problem is fixed with a reboot.
  10. This is really weird and I do not understand the issue. It really pertains lately to just Retroarch but Bigbox has happened before. Basically the program crashes and refuses to work till I restart my pc. No other programs on my pc act this way. ra is main offender right now what seems to happen is I run it trough rocket launcher. I hit f1 to go to menu then hit backspace but it won't work. Then I exit out and now RA will crash all the time till a full restart. I moved RA to my ssd still crashed and I even put fresh RA in my ssd still crashes with 0 cfg.
  11. https://gyazo.com/42de22c01aaa15799880da4ea3ea9918 Here is odd chinese stuff.
  12. Odd thing was I had it set to mameui64 on RL but I guess it was working fine? Should I use mame64 or ui? I think 64 non ui right.
  13. I set up big box to work with RL but when it tries to play mame games it just crashes and mame was working flawlessly through LB. Now I get 101 and problems. Whats really odd is controller stop working when I stream to my tv. As well as my Mame input has Chinese characters on it the joy info.
  14. I am using Nvidia shield with moonlight on other devices. All though I got some issues but they are my own and not related.
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