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  1. In MAME I have a game that, before launching asks what BIOS to use (see screenshot). Only 1 bios seems to work properly and, of course, it's not the bios Launchbox is choosing (I get no prompt to select bios when launching in Launchbox). What can I do to tell Launchbox which bios to use?
  2. Figured it out! I did 2 things, not sure which one of both did it, but I checked "Prefer Clear Logo for Platform image" and I refreshed the image cache. Now My logo shows up!
  3. Hello! I am trying to setup a "Future Pinball" platform. I have the games added and they launch fine, now I'm trying to theme it in BigBox. I tried adding a "Future Pinball.png" to <LaunchBox>\Images\Platforms\Future Pinball\Clear Logo but I still get the text "Future Pinball" instead of the logo. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I know the answer to this one! There is no DRM on the license file, so you could install it on 50 computers and it will still work. You won't get kicked because your ip changes. (according to https://www.launchbox-app.com/premium - under "We Hate DRM")
  5. Thank you! Turns out I was running an older version of LEDBlinky that was not LaunchBox aware!
  6. Ok, so first off, let me say that I bought the forever updates license. I love LaunchBox/BigBox and believe in supporting the devs! But here is what I don't understand: LaunchBox is free. When new versions come out you can download and install it, even without any license. So, what is the difference between the $20 and $50 license?
  7. Hello! I am setting up ledblinky for my arcade and noticed an annoyance that I'm hoping can be dealt with. So, I have ledblinky working great from my Hyperspin setup. The issue is when you fast scrolls through a bunch of games and finally land on one, the leds will be cycling through all the light configurations for every game you scrolled through, and takes a while to finally "land" on the game you are looking at. In HyperSpin, when you are scrolling, the leds would just go white and wait for you to land. Then when you stop on a game, it lights just for that game. Don't know if that's possible in the current BigBox, if not consider this a feature request
  8. Hello! I am new to launchbox, but LOVING IT. I'm coming from Hyperspin and trying to get everything the way I want it. I'm almost there, but have a question on the game list. I have seen in people's demo videos that you can use artwork for the game list (like in hyperspin). My games lists all use plain text. How to I setup big box to show the artwork game title instead of the plain text game title? If it's a matter of downloading the images, can I use the existing images I have in my Hyperspin folder? Thanks!
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