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  1. I love the Switch Big Box theme but I wish it had some additional views to choose from when browsing through games. A list view which has a larger emphasis on the box art, or the list of boxes with the title and description added above each. Just tweaks really. I don't have the skills to edit the theme so this is a long shot but I'm sure my fellow switch theme users would agree. If anyone is up for the challenge, I will be eternally grateful!


  2. No worries. I actually figured it out the following day after posting my query. It took a little bit of digging online, but Zombeaver sums it up above and it's useful to have here for others that might look it up.  I haven't had any issues with my save states thus far.  Works a treat!

  3. Enhanced Switch theme Startup Video (1080p)

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    This for use with Grila's awesome Nintendo Switch theme. There are existing Switch-themed startup videos - which I love - but the audio isn't quite perfect and I wanted to create something that better suits my setup. This reworked version contains larger logos, smoother transitions, better audio, a more consistent-looking Big Box brand and a little faux 'loading' screen, just to tie everything together. The Startup vid is 10 seconds long, so it won't linger for very long.

    I've also created a suite of matching high-resolution platform banners that are intended for the Switch theme, which you can find here.




  4. Switch Theme Platform Banners V1.0

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    These platform banners are intended to be used in tandem with Grila's Switch theme, which I think is still one of the best custom themes available. I wanted to enhance the theme by designing platform banners which match the style. These banners look great once installed and will make the theme look seamless and consistent in design. Clean and minimal with no compression and with a matching background colour. I've included some platforms which are yet to be fully emulated, just to future-proof the set. If there are any platforms you'd like me to add in future, drop a comment below.





  5. Hey all. I've been following ZomBeaver's excellent guide to installing and configuring FS-UAE and running it within LB. It's a fantastic guide and must have taken him a long time to put it together, so a huge thanks for all the help. Eirulan's UUID application is another tremendous contribution. Amazing work.

    So far I have everything working (WHDLoads, everything working in LB etc) and have tried to follow the instructions to the letter, but there's one thing I can't solve: Saving WHDLoad games within FS-UAE.

    The options to save or load are both greyed out. I've set up a custom button that quits each game, but I can't save. I assume I would need to save first, then quit within the game before leaving the emulator in order to commit the save from RAM to my HD but I can't get that far yet. Do I need to specify a folder for my saves, or have I missed something else entirely?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that's able to help. This Forum is full of really great people who are extremely helpful and supportive. Hopefully I've posted this within the right section.


  6. Hi all. I've spent the past few hours trying to solve this but to no avail...

    I've set up RetroArch to run my Neo Geo games via Big Box. The setup went well and everything works fine except for when I try and launch a game. I get nothing. Instead, I have to  open RetroArch and choose the core. The games work fine, it isn't a bios issue. I can load the games perfectly fine inside RetroArch but I always have to choose a Core beforehand ( I have FB alpha 2012 NeoGeo in my list). The minute I close down RetroArch and re-open, it has forgotten the Core. So i can't launch my games via Launchbox. I know I'm missing something that's glaringly obvious!

    Might this be an issue with my Default Command-Line Parameter? I currently have

    -L "cores\fbalpha2012_neogeo_libretro.dll"

    I run my games and emulators on a USB 3 SSD external drive (portable version of BigBox). 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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