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  1. So Gone Fishing has a CD and an installation folder. The file I run is: C:\Dos\AMTEX\GONEFISH\GFISHEXE.EXE The files from the CD are extracted to this location: C:\Dos\CDs\Gone_Fish I made a windows shortcut and this is the target "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" -c "Mount d c:\dos\cds\GONE_FISH -t cdrom -label GONE_FISH" -c "amtex\gonefish\gfishexe.exe" When I run the short cut, the game works perfectly. But I cant figure out what settings I need in Launchbox to get it to run. Currently it just crashes after the initial DosBox copyright text comes up. I have tried setting up a mount with the letter D and type CD but that also doesnt work. Any help would be appreciated
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