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  1. When scraping if I select both HD and HQ I assume it will download 2 videos if it finds them right? The only obvious workaround I can see is to first scrape all as HQ then run a HD scrape second. Unless I am wrong and it auto picks the highest quality? I cannot find much info on this as videos on this are quite old.
  2. Vhero

    Is emumovies dead?

    I mean i wasnt talking about responses to me just lack of activity in general. I was worried about donating. But seems the video server is working great
  3. Vhero

    Is emumovies dead?

    I posted a few posts on there today and like I seem to be the only poster all day.. Even there discord hasnt had a post in 4 days. I am trying to get support over there but Circo is not responding on there or on discord.
  4. Also if you run any recording software it simply doesnt play nice with bigbox meaning you have to restart to get it working again. I believe its down to custom themes causing it..
  5. Does restarting your computer work?
  6. Clever workaround as only happens for a few games. Shame you dont get little short clips so will have to cut myself. But its better than nothing leaving me with those dull videos. Appreciate the help.
  7. A few PS2 games I have when i downloaded videos have simply game not playable from emumovies. They probably wernt in a version a long time ago but they definitely are now. Is there anywhere you guys go for videos of these few games like Wild Arms 3,4 Shadow the hedgehog, spongebob lights camera action
  8. I tried compatibility mode and that certainly did not fix it for me. Only thing that did was the nvidia fix. Had it happen again yesterday after a random crash so removed nvidia software completly now and been bug free since.
  9. Pretty sure its not to be fair which is why you not seen this from more than a couple of us so far. I was meaning to disable anyway so its no harm done tbf.
  10. I did! Just before I bought the software never used actually and bought only this week after reviews online. Glad I did tbh and your right it could be a driver clash, however if nvidia don't fix whatever the issue is u may have to implement something as 60% of gamers use nvidia cards so can see this cropping up again and again.
  11. Ah its fine a simple restart fixed that all my messing about I believe caused a rare occurrence. Honestly, I appreciate your assistance here. Bravo really its second to none. Best $20 I ever spent and will be switching to lifetime soon as I can afford.
  12. Weirdly an offshoot of this is now the taskbar is always on top of bigbox.. compeltly unrelated I know any way to force fullscreen?
  13. Okay that didnt work however when shutting down I got an nvidia error which was preventing shutdown which I seen a few times since recent nvidia update. NvFBCPlugin window was preventing windows from shutting down so on reboot I went into geforce experience and turned off in game overlay and HEY PRESTO! I booted up BigBox 5 times with zero slow downs. Launchbox worked fine too and shutting down correctly now. I hope this isn't just a stroke of luck here @tjwoosta can you confirm if this works for you? Seems Big Box does not like overlays.
  14. Nope Also would point out all my roms are uncompressed if thats where you were going?
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