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  1. I have found the problem but not the solution. In Launchbox folder under videos- ill click the system (in this case sega saturn) and ill click the sub folder Sega_Saturn - MP4 HI QUAL and all my video snaps are there. I have 2 video snaps outside of that folder that i duplicated and placed under videos-Sega saturn (that way they show up under the platform wheel) but the problem is, BB isnt recognizing the sub folder where all the snaps are, just the two videos I placed outside the sub folders (those 2 videos show up when i scroll to them in the games screen) so im not sure what to do. If
  2. Hey Neil - sorry about that, here’s a photo of before and what it now looks like. (Old one was a video background) new one is a screenshot of a game box and screenshot underneath the game as well) I don’t remember what theme I had to be honest. This one is pretty custom. Maybe criticalzone? And yes, in LB I have confirmed that the images I want to use are set as priorities but they aren’t showing in BB now. I did just update LB yesterday for the first time in a year. But nothing changed. everything changed for every console after I deleted and reinstalled arcade. (Which makes no sense)
  3. My big box build is set up to show game video snaps in the background of each game but now it shows a screenshot of the box art. How do I fix this? Also, it shows a small screenshot underneath each game too and I had the screenshots off. Where do I go to take those off my build? I’m just now getting back into this. Everything was fine today and after I deleted my arcade library and re uploaded a few arcade games, the whole look of my build changed.
  4. My encoder has both sanwa and happ connections. Can I use a sanwa and a happ on one encoder? I am toying around with the idea of having a gaming pc with bigbox in my arcade cabinet. Id like to draw a 2 player cab that has 8 buttons (a b x y l1 l2 r1 r2) and l3 and r3 stick ( representing left and right joysticks on a controller) is this all possible? if so, how's the playablility in your experience/opinion? If all else fails, is it an option to use most games with standard arcade format and just have xbox controllers for higher end games like ps2 , n64 and gamecube?
  5. I have arrows drawn for what im referring to, I recently added hyperspin theme videos for my n64 games and some of the games dont have videos. For the ones that dont have videos, Its just a picture in the background then a small version of the same picture underneath the cart, then that little picture hangs around when im scrolling through other games. Is there a setting to remove that? When i go through each game and put a regular video snap on it, the picture goes away but I hope theres a setting or something. Im fine with the background but why have it twice?
  6. I have Bigbox and I put Mame under Arcade catagory, and theres an arcade Logo for it. I recently changed the Arcade logo to an Arcade Classics Logo and put the original arcade logo under my supermodel 3 emulator. When i was growing up I always played Jurassic park, SW trilogy etc so I wanted my bigbox setup to match how I had it as a child, what I wanna know is can I put multiple games from different systems under one catagory? such as House of the dead 2 for Dreamcast, Sega model 2 and 3, ETC all to go under my ARCADE wheel
  7. Oh, i just now saw your other reply about how the romsets/cores will have games that dont work. Does that have anything to do with the controls not working or do you mean the game wont launch at all?
  8. Works great. I have one more question if you dont mind! most cores run all games EXCEPT the games like Marvel super heros, MVC, etc. There are two cores that do run those games ( 2016 and standard mame core ) but, I cant insert coin. On all cores I can insert coin and play them like galaga Etc but not fighting games. Do you have any clue why? In RA theres no way to change arcade controls for any mame core \so i cant just simply fix it myself, and these are my favorite games that i dont have controls on, Ive also pressed every button.
  9. Usually when I feel like being full of detail and complexities the answer is right in front of me..Face palm. Thanks so much. 😃
  10. Which core would you suggest? Ive tried Mame and Mame2016 so far.. figured all of the cores would do the same.
  11. Not sure what it could be. For 2 years ive went on and off switching emulator cores to RA for arcade and everytime i attempt to do it i always get this as the same result. The games still run through RA but not RA running through LB
  12. Not through launchbox I dont. the extract rom archives before running box isnt checked under the edit emulator tab. Is there a way to check that through retroarch?
  13. I have posted a screen cap of the core im trying to run. I have changed my arcade games to run through RA instead of mame in launchbox by hitting Control+A under bulk edit and did that first before adding the core under Associated platforms. In RA by itself i can get games to run under this core but when plugging it in to launchbox the game wont even try to start or load. Am i naming something wrong? I thought the defualt name was "arcade" and assume my core is named properly.
  14. -Id like to apologize in advance. this is a retro arch question. I have found that this forum is much friendlier and knowledgeable and would greatly appreciate your help with this issue- I bought a XB1 Controller today wanting to have a wireless controller for my emulation. When I bluetooth my controller directly to my PC everything is fine and retroarch works, i can navigate the menus and play the games. Problem is i have to be within 6 inchs of my desktop for there to be zero lag, outside of that its awful. I bought the xb1 wireles
  15. Me too. What a relief. Now time I spend forever getting the saturn to work.. then my saturday duties are complete lol Thank you very much for your help @neil9000 @DOS76!!
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