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  1. Yes, my controls are setup correctly in retroarch. I had this issue with the Mednafen stand alone as well, but was able to fix it. I just forgot how I did it! I think there is something going on where some games either need analog active or not active for them to start up. It tried activating analog and turning it off in retroarch with no luck. I'm just not sure what setting it was that I changed in the stand alone that fixed the problem. I was looking at using retorarch to use the bezels. I guess I will just stick with the stand alone which would work better anyway. I am changing my Launchbox setup to stop using Rocketlauncher altogether. I was able to get bezels working with the stand alone through Rocketlauncher. Mednafen is a bit tricky for me. Would you ,or anyone, know if it is possible in the stand alone Mednafen to stretch the screen size to 16x9 for Sega Saturn and if so, how it can be done?
  2. I'm getting a message that says "Incompatible peripheral, connect a compatible peripheral to resume" on some games. I'm using a Xbox 360 controller. Not sure how to fix this to play the games. One game that I tried to play was Batman Forever and this message came up at startup. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, has anyone else had an issue with the new launchbox startup screens freezing retroarch? When I have them active, the startup screen launches and then the game launches in retroarch, but then freezes at the game startup. Not sure why that is happening. I've used rocketlauncher fade screens, which work fine, but I turned them off when using the launchbox ones. When I turn the startup screens off in launchbox, the games work fine again. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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