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  1. I am nearly finished my LB setup of the C64, and have 2 outstanding questions that I am hoping you can help me with. I am using Winvice as my emulator. 1) Anyone have any luck getting carts to auto-load (crt images) ? I see it is possible with the -cartcrt option (Winvice forums) but when I try to put it in to the emulator options in LB, I get an error message. 2) I use joytokey.exe with Winvice. Is there any way within LB that I can run this program when I launch winvice and close it when I exit winvice? Thanks as always
  2. Hi Zeaede, I would suggest downloading the vice-2.4.8.dinkmods.speedysl.v.95 version. With this version, you can modify the defualt keyset to whatever you want. I use this version in conjunction with joytokey and can play all my favourite games using a Xbox360 and no keyboard
  3. Hi Zombeaver can I ask why didn't you use vice instead?
  4. Thanks Zombeaver, shouldnt be an issue for my setup. I finally have all my fav games running using a single joypad - it is great!! Only need 4 - 5 additional keys mapped to play a lot of games. God bless the easy flash crt images :-)
  5. Hey man, thanks for updating. I actually came across this program https://joytokey.net/en/ and have used in conjunction with Winvice or Hosx64. From what I setup already, this program could be my saving grace :-)
  6. No Love for the C64 no
  7. Hi All, hope all is well. I am just wondering do many of you have the C64 setup in LB \ BB? There are so many keyboard combos, just wondering has anybody got around this using a joypad setup only, or is it possible? A lot of games require a keyboard input to start them :-) Thanks All
  8. Haha, believe me, once I start adding more emulators this will not be an issue :-) Any ideas for the first issue :-)
  9. Hi All, loving launchbox, glad I purchased and much easier to configure compared to HS, although once configured, HS looks gorgeous. However, I need some help please with my recently created playlist, just to tidy it up a little. Here are my issues with my current playlist, which I am hoping you can help me out with :-) 1) Created the "Favorites" and set a image as "clear logo" for the favorites logo (playlist), however the word favourite is still in plain text? 2) The video for this playlist is not playing after setting it in the video path? 3) Once in bigmode, I can see the favorites playlist, however, as I have one game listed, it is listed over and over. Is there anywhere I can limit this to 1 result? Not a big deal at all , just wondering can this be done, as I know I will be adding more than 1 game :-) Thanks All Edit - Solved 2) By changing the theme, so if I could solve the first one I would be more than happy, thank you
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