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  1. Thanks. Yeah I have tried that. Still seems Bigbox only sees one of the USB controllers
  2. I have built a PC based arcade cabinet, The controller deck has two USB controllers which have the joysticks and buttons connected. One USB controller has the Player 1 joystick connected and 10 buttons & the other USB controller has Player 2 joystick and 10 buttons. These both work fine in Launchbox and I can launch Mame and play mame games - both 1 & 2 player with no issues. If I launch Bigbox and go to the controller options - i can get only 1 USB controller to be seen - which is player two. I want Player 1 to be the controller for bigbox not player 2. I would have thought Bigbox should see both USB controllers and allow you to define controls? Anyone point me in the right direction - is it something I am doing wrong or is this correct with Bigbox?
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