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  1. So i have Mame setup in launchbox/BigBox. I am using 228 emulator and 228 roms set. I am also using a homemade jotstick that has 12 buttons and an eightgate stick with a zero delay board. it works great. Some games will not let me use the start and coin buttons that i have assigned, but if i use the keyboard its no problem. in particular Express Raider. i am building a arcade machine so i dont want to have to us a keyboard to start the game any thoughts or solutions would be appreciated.
  2. So, I have multiple startup videos in my startup folder. It will play a random video everytime i open BigBox. Is there a way to use only 1 besides only having one in the folder. If so please explain.
  3. I want to add startup videos to my BigBox. i have the videos in the videos folder. Now how do i play them? please help
  4. Ok, i appreciate your help thank you
  5. Sorry, My bad. The rom is Altered Beast. I'm not sure what rom set it is from.
  6. What would cause a Mame rom not to boot up when the others do it tries to open then just goes back to my Launchbox home screen.
  7. Thanks Joe it was just that simple. i appreciate it.
  8. Mame is opening in widowed mode.
  9. When i start a mame rom in launchbox, the window does not cover my entire screen. Any thoughts on how to correct this?
  10. Thanks anyway found the answer elwhere
  11. I have followed the launchbox tutorial and cannot get my colecovision roms to stay open. Any suggestions?
  12. i have many down loaded. I am trying LUXURY_BOX. I am putting it in the startup theme folder in launchbox.
  13. I am having trouble getting a startup theme in big box running. I tried using the youtube tutuorial, but it is completely different now. Any links or help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. i download the new version and when i start it up the white screen comes up. then tells me that my license is up. then all my mame games populate on the launchbox screen.
  15. i just want to start over because this computer has limited space
  16. yes, i the new version keeps auto populating my roms
  17. Is there any way to download earlier version of Launchbox?
  18. So, I have some PS! files the I want to use. The problem is they are split up into something called track. They are .bin files. Can I merge them into 1 file? If so, how would I do that? I also have a four disk set that I would like to run as well. Can these be combined to 1 file?
  19. Did launchbox remove the start up video option in the new updates? If not, where can I find those options?
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