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  1. A follow-up for future users running into the issue. By changing the horizontal stretch to 0.990 and the vertical to the same, it appears to fix the issue and keep everything in aspect. Only annoying thing is this is accomplished through the Sliders menu, which means I have to do it once for each game I need to adjust (then it's saved to the game's cfg file). There's no way I've found to do this globally. All's well that ends well I suppose.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but this has no effect on the "cut off" area at the top. I know I can use the slider controls to mess with the "Horizontal Position", but then it just pushes the bottom off the screen. I don't want to stretch the image or squash it either. Is there a way MAME can just scale the entire image in aspect to not be right at the edges?
  3. Hello, I am not sure if this is restricted to running MAME through Launchbox, but when I am playing some of the MAME games, the tops and/or bottoms of the games will get clipped off either by the overlay or the edge of the screen itself. When I run a test pattern on the TV, it's NOT getting cut off (so this already a mystery to me). I was wondering if there's any type of fix for this. I am using Launchbox, launching the MAME games via MAME64. I have messed with the D3D Options in there bit (there's some distortion you can probably see in the images, but I don't like adjusting the value more than a bit). The cabinet I am using uses a 32" 1920x1080 LCD TV. Yes, I know using an original CRT would be optimal, but I was hoping there's some kind of compromise here. Pictures of what I mean below. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  4. For what it's worth, adding the "Start /b" at the beginning totally did the trick! Thanks!
  5. Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480 -framefile "D:\Emulators\Daphne\vldp\%1\%1.txt" The above path is the location I have the Daphne dir. The game launches great and everything, just getting the oldball popup of the CMD window.
  6. Just like the title says, I have Daphne working through Launchbox/Big Box almost perfectly. The only issue I am having is that the bat file required for launch pops up in a Windows CMD window and "knocks" you out of the game. The game's running in the background, but the cmd window stays open until manually clicked, then you have to tab over to Daphne. I feel like I am one step away from getting this set. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, JoeViking245! I see. The set that I got was supposedly a "full" set, but clearly not, as I am missing some of the "alternate" (I guess I have mostly parents only - like I have vsav.zip already, but not vsava.zip), so sounds like it wasn't a "full" set after all.
  8. Hello everyone! I finally was able to get a nice cab together and loaded MAME64 onto the PC I am using there. I am running into a bit of confusion understanding how MAME sees the ROMS that I have in my roms folder, and then how Launchbox pulls that information into itself to enable to play them. Now, the majority of the stuff simply imported into Launchbox via the wizard just fine. There's only a few places that I've found myself running into trouble. Occasionally, I'll launch a ROM, and it won't load. When that happens, I make a note of it, open up MAME64 directly, and see what it's griping about (is something missing? is it a checksum failure, etc.). Now, besides the obvious (is it a CHD game? is the ROM simply missing? etc.), I will encounter a game that won't run - and it simply doesn't make sense in context - it'll run directly in MAME, but NOT in Launchbox - and I feel it's related to which ROM title it's pointing at. One caveat: I am using the exact MAME Set that is matching the ROM Set (the versions are exactly the same). Let's use "Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire (Euro 970519)" for example - that one is illuminated in MAME64 (white, not grey). All the other versions are grey. What does that mean? The ROMS are present, but they are grey - and some "disappear" when I use the Available filter and some don't? Is there a way I need to have MAME "rescan" the directory to refresh the list, or does it do this automatically at runtime to make sure the ROMS are all present? Note that I had added some more ROMs, from the correct version to match my MAME version "later", after initially installing MAME64. Anyway, my mind is blown getting the MAME dir organized and to play nice with Launchbox (which is amazing btw, TOTALLY loving it) and I was hoping some of you would take mercy on this poor noob and lend me a hand!
  9. I've upgraded Launchbox from 8.3 directly to 8.6 today (I hadn't opened it in a while), and after launching the application, it's running extremely poorly. Random box art images of the games I had imported don't completely load (they are just randomly missing - not using the broken link, the spaces are just blank) and it's majorly hogging my entire PC. I literally almost can't open other applications without them taking several minutes while 8.6 is running. Even closing Launchbox back down keeps the system in this state. I don't believe it's the PC itself, as I am gaming on this same PC and it's normally pretty fast. Something Launchbox is doing is bogging everything down in a major way. I'm sorry this is so vague, but I never had this problem until I upgraded. I am not trying to import anything, I am simply opening the program and browsing the directories. It's as if it's trying to do some massive reindexing or something and it's just eating system time alive. I've tried restarting my PC several times, Malware checked, Virus checked, etc. Nothing else was changed or installed on this PC since 8.3 (no new video hardware, no nothing). After opening it, if I watch Task Manager, it's using 12-28% CPU time (fluctuates) and a good bit of memory (1,100 MB - 1,700 MB). I am not extremely computer savvy, so I apologize if this is normal. Just trying to feed information.
  10. I finally figured it out. The naming on the files was "Game Name #GG.GG" Having the "#GG" before the extension made it unidentifiable by Launchbox. Did a bulk rename and presto! Should have experimented more before I panic-posted. Sorry
  11. Hello! I am having some difficulty importing my Sega Game Gear roms into Launchbox. I have lot of other platforms imported and they worked great - the system scraped the box art, manuals, sshots, movies, etc. For some reason, not a single one of the Game Gear roms comes into Launchbox with any data - they're all "blank" with no art, no data, etc. The ROMs are all in ",gg" format and named normally. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong in this instance. I am picking the "Sega Game Gear" platform on the import. Does this mean all the ROM files are bad? Very confused. Any help is appreciated!
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