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  1. jeff86

    game videos question

    ...well I tried that theme, it's still l not doing what I want so I don't know how he got it to do that
  2. jeff86

    game videos question

    Does the theme have to do with how big or small the size of the video box is? I have a few Hyperspin style videos for the Arcade stuf and want the to show up as big as I can since those have a picture, and video box within them thus the actual video in and of it's self is smaller due to the whole image of the Hyperspin style of video which is why I want it to show up as a background on the game select screen, but once I'm in the game it's self's page have the video in a smaller box, like is shown in Simply Austin's video
  3. jeff86

    game videos question

    I was just watching a video from Simply Austin where he was talking about a gaming pc build to play basically pay anything that is currently out, and he had a capture that showed what I was talking about, at the 4:28 - 4:55 mark it shows what I am referring to for what I want to do:
  4. jeff86

    game videos question

    this is what happens when I select "use game background videos" in the options and get to an individual game's details page (nottice it shows the video as a background on the individual game's screen? this is not what I want, I want it to be like the first picture where it is in the smaller box below the cover art):
  5. I figured out how to get background videos to show up on platforms, but when it comes to the games selection screen I want to have just the video only show up as a background (no cover art, info, etc), then when I select a game I want to have the video not show up as a background because when I chose "show game background videos" in the options as soon as I get into an individual game's screen the video shows up as a background, but rather show all the game's detail's and have the video in the smaller box, how do I do this? I can show some pictures for you guys if it will help you to know what I am talking about the first picture is how I want the individual game details to look, now notice in the second picture is the game section screen and the video is showing up in the background (which is what I want), but it is covered up by the game details like the cover art, and game photo as well as has the details of to the side of it (not what I want) how do I get it to just show only the video as a background on the game select screen, and the once I get into the game it's self get it to show up like it is in the first picture?
  6. I was wondering is it possible to get theme videos if I have them to show up as background under a specific platform or game? I want to be able to do this with some of the Arcade games that I have, and some console game as well, but I don't want for every single game video to show up as a background as I do not have theme videos for everything, I also specifically want for the arcade platform since I do have some theme videos to take off the picture that shows up at the top of the screen, but leave the description of the game that's over to the side, is it possible to do this?
  7. Is there a way to get the game videos to display as background while turning the clear logo off on specific Titles, or Platforms? I want to do this for the "Arcade" platforms as we as the subsets of the arcade platforms as some of the games I do have theme videos for, but not all of them, thus the ones that I have a platform video for I only want the background video showing up, as well as the game information, as for the others I want to have the clear logo along with the smaller video size, stock background Image, clear logo, and game information to show up for the ones that I don't have a themed video, while the other platforms are left with their games l with the small video background and all the other info as well.
  8. I like what you got, but wounder if it's possible to add in characters to the sides of your videos? like with Dreamcast for example if you (or I) could add in Ryo, and Shenua from the Shenmue games?
  9. I was wondering if there is a way to get themed videos to display as background for specific games and platforms as opposed to having them all show up as a background since I've only been able to find them videos for specific platforms and games? also how do I get both to show up? I have gone into settings, and set both platform videos, and game videos to "display background videos" but when I do that my platform videos wont show up at all, and it's only when I go into a platform that I get videos showing up in the background for the various games (some of which a re not a themed video but a standard video so I would also like to be able to set specific titles to show up as a background as well due to this)
  10. jeff86

    Platform videos?

    is there a way to set them videos to background for a specific platform, or game? I found themed videos for mame as well as SNES, but not other consoles, thus I don't want every preview video to show up in the background if it is a standard video vs a themed preview video. ...in other words If I have all mame background videos I just want those to show up as a backgrounds without the clear logo or and game info, but as far as something like say "Sega Genesis" to have it's preview video show up in the small box for the video with the clear logo, unless I have a specific game background video for like say "sonic The Hedgehog" for example, and have it's video show up in the background with out any of the other information pop up.
  11. jeff86

    Platform videos?

    I think I figured it out, I just put the game videos in the \Launchbox\Vidoes\Platforms\[Platoform name]\theme and put the platform's intro video in the \Launchbox\videos\[platform name] and then I went to options and turned on "show platform background videos" under "view" as well as set "backround fade" to 0, and turned of " show platform clear logo" since the platform videos already have a logo in them, and that did the trick for me.
  12. jeff86

    Platform videos?

    I was woundering If I were to individually get or create a platform's videos what folder do I put them in vs what folder do the individual game's videos go in? Also if I were to use the Hyperspin videos for a platform's video how do I get it to show full screen since Hyperspin's platform videos are ment to be show fullscreen? (like for example the genesis/megadrive one which has a still image of Knuckles and the console it's self with a box within it that contains gameplay footage.)
  13. Yea I'd just like to see the Mame bezels automatically put in and resized to fit what ever monitor is being used (providing it's a 4:3 style monitor) when a game is launched like Rocket Launcher does when properly set up, as well as the abbility to create sub catagories, do that and I'd say Launchbox/big box is the perfect front end.
  14. Sub catagories as well as adding in Mame Bezels, and automatically resizing them to fit a monitor properly would allow Launchbox to give Hyperspin/rocket launcher a run for it's money!
  15. Awe damn, I hope it comes soon, it would certainly make everything look much more orginizied by makeing sub catagories.
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