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  1. I see there is a playlist 'Arcade - most played, recently played, faves'. Could anyone make one for consoles too? Not sure how to code one myself, but could be really handy.
  2. Nevermind - I'm a bloody idiot (i mispelt my EmuMovies username as Somakar'n'a)!!!
  3. Necro-ing my own thread. Having another go, since I've just subscribed as Premium Launchbox... Still cannot login to EmuMovies via Configure metadata in Launchbox - Anyone know anything that could help?
  4. nice one, thanks! Just wondering, does anyone know about changing file locations for Amiga using FS-UAE emulator? Games are split into UUIDs and WHDLoad Files. I'll watch the Zombie tutorial if no one knows. Cheers
  5. Just thinking of changing set up: - move all games out of my SSD to HDD - reinstall Windows on to SSD (currently on HDD) - run Launchbox from the SSD is this worth the time /effort? Is it easy enough for LB to reconfigure file locations if I just click-drag ROMS onto it? Cheers
  6. There is no Achievement Badges option though to turn on. Are we talking about retroarch still?
  7. thanks... how do you turn achievment pictures on? cant see an option for it.
  8. interesting... now Retroarch shows a different UI to the normal blue one (white background with blue icons). any idea why that is? Ive never seen that version of the achievements page with pictures. how did you turn that on?
  9. Anyone know which sega genesis core for achievements? The Gen Plus GX appears to have no achievements in the Retroarch menu options.
  10. Sorted -- the parameter -f -g code got it working! Thanks!
  11. No, not so far - i didnt think they were used for cemu (when watching tutorial video).
  12. Clicking game in Launchbox used to run a WiiU game without taking me into Cemu list of games, via the .rpx file. Anyone know what needs to be changed to get this going again?
  13. Is there a function to filter games by Retro Achievements? That would be pretty cool. If not able to design one?
  14. HOLY CRAP! - it looks awesome now, thanks so much
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