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  1. i just have a general question about the "opt in" program.... I am currently a lifetime license owner for bigbox and it is legit. if i'm in a beta testing program why does the beta cost money? I know its only 5 bucks. I am just curious. heck windows 10 beta is free to test threw thier insiders. I figured because I have the highest tier license for unbroken software i would be able to test the beta of an unreleased os version, but i guess not. .. bottom line is if i can sqeeze the fin i'll get the app and test it but for now i am limited due to this stipulation. its kinda like when i found out
  2. I can simply extract them asll then delete the 7z files as its a lot of space but I the archives are a torrent from a private tracker so I need to seed them back. the temp mapping would still help tremendosly
  3. the roms I have are 7z with the iso inside of them and I have a lot so that's too time consuming I have the complete library loaded into lb it recognized all the roms as 7z so having a temp folder to map would be ideal... I could just install lb to the ssd I think I am going to give that a werl and see what happens the option is in emulator settings
  4. hi, I have a feature request and an issue that may help others. I am currently emulating a lot of systems just fine bur dolphin can extract archives b4 loading the game using launchbox and 7z I have a 7800rpm drive that is in raid 0 4tb but extracting the ganmes takes a bit of time... I also have a ssd Samsung 860 evo and want to map a temp directory for that drive to increase extraction speed..... I hope this can be done and I also looked in launchbox settings for a temp directory but there isn't one... retroarch has 1 but I cant get dolphin to load threw the current core I followed eta prime
  5. needed to fix rocket launcher all set now thanx :)
  6. somehow this rom list is wrong in desktop mode it lists all the correct roms but In bigbox it has another list of the wrong roms instead of the snes ones in destop mode
  7. everything i tried with retroarch failed... but have no fear i brainstormed and googled fb alpha, got the emu and set that up it works fine it just takes a little bit of time to syncc my 144hrtz monitor... no biggie... all is good now thanks again
  8. nvidia graphics drivers are at current as well
  9. which graphics driver should i choose? there are quite a few i also have directx installed and a whole bunch of c++ .net 2
  10. i have a gtx 950 ftw 2gb ram so it should be np NVidia
  11. if i try the fb alpha with neo geo there in retroarch alone instead of the fbalpha the game loads to a green screen showsfps as 60 mem sttus updates but the green screen doesnt dissapear and the game just stays there
  12. the more you know thanks for the heads up will not happen again
  13. even when i tried it with a custom name like NeoGeo from the vid it still failed
  14. i tried it as both snk neo geo mvs and aes it fails on both
  15. this is the bios file.. it is in the roms folder does it need to be in its wn folder inside the roms dir?
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