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  1. Is there a tutorial some where how to do this with a game?
  2. One my of friends is building two Zelda themed arcade cabinets for us. I'm making mine into a Bigbox Multicade. He wants to just put Zelda from N64 on his. Is there any way he can have windows boot up right into Bigbox and into Zelda? Or is there a way he can just have it boot right into Zelda without Bigbox?
  3. I think i might just do 6 buttons for the controls with a stick and just use it for N64 games and older. Then just have 2 controllers setup for Gamecube,PS1,Dreamcast. I'll probably have 7 more buttons for P1-Coin, P2-Coin, P1-Start, P2-Start, Enter, Exit, Pause. Do you guys think that will work well?
  4. Thx, He said he's going to make it a little wider for me to fit the 2 player controls
  5. A buddy of mine is building me a Zelda Cabinet just like the one in the picture. I've had Launchbox for awhile on my PC and plan on sticking it inside this Zelda Cab. I want to do two players, but I'm not sure how many buttons I'll need. It will have two USB ports in the front to hookup controllers if i need to. I mainly will be playing GameCube,Wii,PS1, PS2,and Dreamcast games. Any advice will be appreciated!
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