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  1. Hi All, When playing, especially on games with lots of button smashing, mame has begun losing focus. I was running through rocketlauncher, and when I was doing that mame would entirely disappear minimized to the task bar. I could exit bigbox and click on mame on the task bar and the game would be running. To try to fix it I switched to launching Mame directly from bigbox. That helped but now the games become windowed instead of minimized. You get the widows menu bar at the top of the game and you can see bigbox behind the game. I am not sure what to do now. Any suggestions? I'm using Windows 7 if that makes any difference.
  2. I am having trouble launching "wreck it ralph" in big box and I not sure what to do to fix it. Ralph doesnt use mame it has its own emulator, which I am using rocketlauncher to launch. I use rocketlauncher to launch mame and Daphne games with no problems. But with ralph, the game seems to open underneath the bigbox loading screen. And big box seems to just hang on that screen until you exit. If I break out the mouse and get to the windows task bar, you can find that the game has opened it was just underneath everything so you can't actually see the game. Any ideas on how to get ralph to open as the top most window? or is there a better way to get it to open rather than using rocketlaucher? I am open to any ideas. Thanks
  3. I am really sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, I searched multiple times but I could not find the answer. Is there a way to remove the options to view by genre / platform / developers /etc. on the bigbox screen? Or if you cannot remove them to lock them? I do not want kids changing the view of bigbox. All of the games I want the kids playing are all neatly organized in playlists. I set up the games in playlists and it default opens to playlists and works great unless a kid gets to this screen and selects view by publishers and gives me a long ugly list of publishers instead of my nicely setup playlist view. Please help. Thanks -R
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