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  1. Yeah that is very possible, along with tie-breakers on multiple releases in the same region, choosing the more recent one perhaps? I would think Launchbox would still send LEDBlinky the name of the parent ROM (tmnt rather than tmnt2po, or sfa2 rather than sfa2j) so that LEDBlinky can properly assign the button LEDs?
  2. I set the default to use tmnt.zip and it does clean up the LEDs significantly but still not quite, I think that may be a config issue. I guess my main concern is that I am not sure how Launchbox decides which clone is the default 'main' clone, as opposed to simply defaulting to the parent game? Would I need to set each one up individually if I wanted it to work with LEDBlinky, because it needs the name of the actual ROM rather than the clone?
  3. Hello, I've been fighting with a problem regarding LEDBlinky and I think it may be a Launchbox problem. For example, when I run TMNT, it's running tmnt2po, not tmnt. I go to check the actual path to the ROM inside of Launchbox and it is tmnt2po.zip but that file doesn't exist, it exists inside of tmnt.zip, and is a clone as shown in the second screenshot, but either Launchbox or LEDBlinky doesn't understand that. Is Launchbox having problems recognizing cloned games and it isn't passing the correct ROM name to LEDBlinky? Attached is a screenshot of what the LEDBlinky debug troubleshooter says about tmnt2po and the information listed by Launchbox about the game
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