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  1. Hello. If you install win 3.x in DosBox you can autolaunch win 3.x games same as dos games. I tried to implement that in launchbox. I have DosBox with Win 3.11 installed. I tried 2 games. Journeyman Project and Civilization. Somehow it doesn't work if i use dosbox tab in new game setup. So I made an emulator for windows 3.x platform in which i wrote a path to my folder with dosbox, and all the other needed info. Than I assosiated this emulator with platform windows 3.x Then I inserted autolaunch line in the dosbox.conf Then I created those 2 games in Launchbox. In each of them I chose my emulator to launch the game and supplied the path to the game's .exe file Civilization launched either using the play game option or launch with... option, but without sound. And I couldn't launch Journeyman Project because it requires CD to be present to play, and I couldn't figure out how to mount the CD on startup. Putting mount CD line in dosbox.conf didn't work. This is how my autoexec section of dosbox.conf looks like: [autoexec] # Lines in this section will be run at startup. # You can put your MOUNT lines here. @echo off mount c disk_c rem mount d f:\ -t cdrom path=z:\;c:\;c:\windows keyb ru 866 c : win c:\civwin\civ.exe exit
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