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  1. That's a valid option, but some may choose the Raspberry Pi for other reasons, such as lower power consumption, quieter / no moving parts, IO pin capabilities, or the ease of backing up and restoring a configured system image.
  2. My first arcade machine is on Windows, and runs BigBox. I'm currently working on the second one, which is tailored for older trackball games so it doesn't need the horsepower (or cost) of a full PC, especially as I insist on my machines being fanless. HyperPie is a decent front end for the moment, but LaunchBox / BigBox really sets the bar as the gold standard to strive for.
  3. Now that LaunchBox is officially on Android (with BigBox forthcoming), and Android can be installed on a Raspberry Pi, would it be a viable front end for Pi-based arcade machines? I could see potential issues in controlling output LEDs or supporting marquee mode for the second HDMI output of the RPi 4, but I can dream big. 🙂 Or, can we skip the Android middle-man and get a Raspbian version of LaunchBox?
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