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  1. Pysassin

    [GBA] Lion King has wrong Box - Front

    Will think about to doing that thanks for the tips. In the meantime is it possible to manually add the correct image to my game if I can find it quickly on the internet.
  2. Unsure if this is the right place to post but I noticed that the front box image for the GBA title "Lion King" has the box art for "Lion King 1/2". Those are two different titles.
  3. Pysassin


    Thanks for the API link. Very helpful. Did not see anything in it that would explicitly add a UI item to the main screen though. If I am wrong and some one knows that it's possible I can do the grunt work of coding it just need a start point. I'm at work now and cannot check the DLLs but when I get home will see what I can't pick through that might not be in the docs. Thanks @neil9000 and @Retro808 for the replies and help though.
  4. Pysassin


    Yeah I never expected anyone to snap there fingers and make it happen if it wasn't already implemented. Do you know is there any tools I can use to create it myself? Didn't know if Launchbox had any tools in it for customization of that level or if the source was open in any way to add it myself.
  5. Pysassin


    I've had Launchbox for a while now but am setting up a new computer with a far bigger library and was curious if there was a Multi-Filter in Launchbox (I generally do not use Big Box on this PC). What I mean is an ability to search by Platform AND Series AND Genre all at the same time. It didn't look like there was but wanted to confirm. If the ability to do so isn't in the software is Launcbox modifiable or open-source in any fashion that I could code my own into it?