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  1. I want to thank everyone for their posts and suggestions! I appreciate all of your help! Just as a heads up, the game in question is called "Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World" - it came out back in 1988 and was the first CRPG I ever played! So fun! Anyway, I tried the Control-F10 tip, the game still runs just fine, and I can see the mouse cursor on the same screen as the game, but when I try and take the cursor to the left, it stops at the edge of the same first monitors screen. While running any other program so far, when I want to go from the first monitor to the second one, all I have to do is move the cursor to the left edge of the screen and it will "jump" from that monitor to the other one. I really hope this is worded right and makes sense! Thanks again, everyone!
  2. First, I thank you for your post! I intend to have a game running in one monitor and an Excel spreadsheet in another. All I want to do is be able to work with Excel while the Dosbox game is running. Not sure if I had said this before, but the game I am playing takes up the entire screen. That said, I can't take the desktop cursor into the second monitor. You had asked if the mouse is stuck in Dosbox - I would have to say yes, because with a non-Dosbox game (so far), I can have the game in one screen (full screen) in one monitor and still be able to manipulate any other (non-Dosbox) program just fine. So yeah, I guess it could be considered that the cursor is locked in the first monitor with the game, because I can't put the mouse cursor to the second monitor.
  3. Yesterday, I installed a second monitor to my gaming computer, which went beautifully! Now I can have two monitors going at the same time. Here is my issue... I have Microsoft Excel open in the left-side monitor, and am playing a Dosbox game (Might and Magic II), but when I have the game running in right-side monitor, I can't use Excel in the other one. How do I have a game running in one monitor and use Excel in the other? Just for clarifications sake, I have the correct Excel spreadsheet up in the left-side monitor and the game in the right-side one. I need to be able to go from the running game to Excel and use Excel - every time I have both programs running, the game runs fine, but I can't change any information in Excel. Please help!
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