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  1. Oh yeah, backed up first for sure. The fix was pretty simple, just one platform corrupt, made it look like the others then all good.
  2. Fixed, when messing with the parent information the xml file became corrupt. My xml skills not the greatest, but luckily it was only a small error. I would still like to know where the autohotkey data is stored for future reference if anyone can tell me
  3. Yes, so that explains the blank free version. Now still will not open after reinstalling in the correct folder
  4. I was adding some new games and not sure what I did but I was modifying Parent information on the new platform and Launchbox just shut down, now it will not start up again. I have attempted to do a reinstall, at the end of the reinstall it loads up with no games and free version, but if I shut it down it will not start again. Big box is working fine, all configurations are working. If I need to delete and start from scratch I'd really like to back up my autohotkey data, I've spent many hours fine tuning this and would hate to have to do it all again, but where does Launchbox store this so I can save it?
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