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  1. Hi guys.. this isn't really an issue per say.. I'm just wondering how the drop down list is being organized when editing the Emulator field using the Bulk Edit Wizard. (Screenshot attached) Sometimes it takes me quite a few seconds to locate the emulator I'm looking for. Not a huge deal but it just seems that alphabetical order would be appropriate here (as it is when selecting an emulator from the Edit Game window). (Screenshot attached for reference).
  2. I notice you are still using Windows 7... I have been struggling to get Kega Fusion working properly in Windows 10... There surprisingly weren't many other alternatives available so I had no choice really but to get into Retroarch. I have gotten Retroarch working fine now and have grown to like it so I've pretty much moved on, but I really did love Kega Fusion when it used to work properly. Specifically, I remember being unable to map controller inputs in Fusion for some reason (it would absolutely not detect controller inputs) so I had to map the controller to keyboard keys and then have Fusion interpret it as a keyboard inputs. I think I was running into some other issues that eventually made me give up but I forgot what they were now lol.
  3. Not sure if this discussion has happened before (not sure if this is the right section of the forum to ask) but I am wondering other's preferred methods for organizing Beta roms in Launchbox. Playing Betas was actually one of the first things that brought me to emulation nearly 20 years ago, and I have amassed quite a collection of Beta roms for the various systems. I don't really like the idea of the Betas clogging up the actual release libraries when browsing through Launchbox (especially when they didn't have box art). What I initially did was set up NES (Beta) SNES (Beta) Sega Genesis (Beta) etc. etc. as their own platforms to keep them separate and out of the way. Now that Launchbox supports hiding games without boxart, I would consider just leaving the Betas with their original platform and just turning off the "Hide games without Boxart" on the occasion I wanted to try out a Beta. Just wondering what other people out there are doing and perhaps looking for inspiration to improve my set up 🙂
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