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  1. Hello, back again with crazy yet cool ideas. Casino slot machines have a service feature on the bottom of the screen. You can look at your points, order cold drinks, tea, coffee and if I can remember... appetizers. In Korea, game labs have menus on their gaming screens, like this one here Can one of you geniuses please add this to Launchbox? Simply a menu viewer with a category list of restaurants or homemade ideas you have. Make it customizable so you can add transparent logos, customized info such as ETA or estimated wait time. So check this out... You can upload a menu or anything you want. If you have PB&J sandwiches or leftover soup, create your own menu from paint or whatever you use and upload that. Then when you get hungry or it's break time, you can navigate and see menus you've uploaded, including Domino's and Chinese take out (with ability to add custom info, you may list their phone numbers- even add a rating system!). Same for cocktails and coffee, soft drinks and water. Edit- Maybe a simple mini 85% transparent box on the far left would be nice. Or make that box popup when scrolling over. Icon should be atleast 240x240 (Google dinner icon)
  2. I created a new category for Tiger Electronics and fit it under the Handhelds category. But then it duplicates itself, seen in the two photos below... How do I have a nice clean Tiger Electronics AND Game.com category to remain among Game Boy/Game Gear?
  3. How? Using Retroarch (latest version) in Launchbox, I double click on MK2 and this is what comes up. Do I need to modify it's directory or remove the spaces using "\" through editing or something? All other games load and work like champions. SOLVED. Retrorach was reading wrong file! Always double check emulation file paths. Yes!! ?
  4. Hey bro, I love this. Please, Launchbox, please!! We need Game Pro/ Nintendo Power magazines embedded, too!
  5. So, I have all my dos games running good. Right? Except for this stubborn game, Mortal Kombat 2 (DOS). How can I fix this problem?
  6. Thank you, C-Beats. I definitely will grab Big Box once I'm done with my construction (yup, Men Working)... lol Launch ·Box ·For· Life (Before we takeoff, I need to load Launch Box)
  7. Still know nothing about Big Box, so maybe you can explain.
  8. This is how it works. LaunchBox runs the same, as always but... the delete/edit/add/modify features are greyed out until you log in to your LB admin account (simply using a pin #), that way, you have total control of your collection. Anyone agrees? Once logged in and the delete/edit/add/modify features are accessible, each click on those requires that same admin pin # before it proceeds!
  9. We have old fashioned TV skins with emus, how about old TV static animation for some of us nostalgics. Hm?
  10. Thank you, Lordmonkus. Will keep that in mind. Is there a way to have those save files automatically copied to a specific folder, as a back up? That would be very nice. LB Devs should seek into this!
  11. Hi all. I was wondering if you can install Windows games into a new folder, say, within the LaunchBox folder instead of the old Program Files? I want to have all of my games installed into one clean folder within LaunchBox's directory so that I have a clean and simple installation of LB with all my games ready to fire up.
  12. Hi, I'm back. Loving this app. Can one of you geniuses work on NSS and Sega Arcade themes for Launchbox?
  13. Ooh, you need BigBox to view game manuals. ? I see.... I wish they just combined BigBox with LaunchBox as one big program instead of two separate things. Thanks for the help. I'm going to go now.
  14. Dear Lordmonkus: Can you please show some more pics regarding the game manuals? I'm not understanding that screenshot. Also, what format does Launchbox support these manuals in? PDF? So in other words, we can have manuals for all the games we have? More pics and info, please!
  15. Is this feature in for clicking on a game and in the drop down list you may open up the game's booklet? If not, I suggest this gets added in to complete the beautiful to-be-released Launch Box, as I'm seeing it here.
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