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  1. system spces: iMac 2017 running Windows 10 on a bootcamp partition, i7-7700 4.2ghz, AMD Radeon 580, 32 gb ram. Video driver in retroarch is set to gl. I believe I have a shader turned on but I always used the in game menu to access that, and now I can't see that menu when using the psx core. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Progress! Thanks so much for your help! I did what you said and sure enough, it said one of the bios files was missing. I downloaded a fresh copy of scph5501.bin and overwrote the previous one. Retroarch now sees that file as present, and games now load but without video. I hear sound and it responds to controller input but that's it. Any ideas?
  3. I can't get retroarch to play psx games that are .chd format. Initially it told me that I'm missing the bios. I put the bios files in the retroarch system folder, and now it loads to a blank screen. I tried updating the core (beetle psx hw) and the core info files, still no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Retroarch 1.7.3 Beetle psx hw 0.9.444.1 74bd755
  4. Wow thanks for the quick response. I'm launching from a platform list.
  5. Hi all, this is my first time asking for help, I hope I'm going about this right. I'm trying to play my arcade games with rocketlauncher set as the emulator, which is using the retroarch core. However since launchbox 8.8 came out this hasn't worked right. When I try to open a game in launchbox, the fade screen will open and display an incorrect title (ex. 1942 displays as "SNB-07") and then it will just take me back to launchbox. If I open the game through RocketlauncherUI it works perfectly. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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