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Feature requests - sorting and hiding


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1) It would be great if we could sort the platforms on the new sidebar by the following: - Alphabetical (which is the current sorting method) - Manual - Chronological (sort systems based on their release date - this could be quite entertaining and educational) As it stands, I've got a large arcade collection and then a few other platforms with fewer games, many of which I would open regularly. Having to scroll right through my MAME collection to get to the N64 games, or having to play around with filters, are both valid alternatives. But I think in many cases it would be preferable for each user to be able to sort the systems in a way that is more useful to them. As they would probably only do this once (unlike, say, filtering), you could include this in the Options menu rather than adding further complication to the sidebar. On this note, it would be great if we could sort games in chronological order (release date) or most played (probably the least useful, but it would still be interesting to make use of the usage stats), and for reverse chronological order as well. 2) A right-click option to hide files from LaunchBox without wiping them would be handy. I'm thinking particularly of BIOS files, where you need them in the folder but would never want them on the LB list, but it would be just as useful for games you don't want to play see OR wipe. I think the delete function could already be used in this way (haven't checked), but looking forward, it might be an idea to provide this function under a clearer name, for example Hide (hides from LB library), Delete (removes game from library and deletes file/folder). 3) On my computer there's somenthing funny going on with the game sort order: game titles beginning with numbers (1942, 720, etc.) are sorted to the end of the list (i.e. after Z) rather than the beginning (before A). This could be a problem with my OS configuration, but if not, could we have an option to sort them in the traditional way so 1942 can be at the top again?Laugh
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Hello Corinthian, I would like to Welcome you to the LaunchBox Community! Part of your request is taken care of (in a manor of speaking), download the latest build 3.6 it was just released. Now there is a side bar on the left displaying all of your platforms by default, or go through the choices and sort as needed. You can even have it display all completed games or by release date (gives you a list of years on the left), mine list every year from 1976 - 2014. The collapsing in the game screen selection area is something I know Jason has looked into and there was some issues with the visuals and some other technical coding issues. I'm not sure if it is still in the works or not. If you have a good friend in software programming maybe give him a nudge and give Jason a nice present. Just give the team time, they are all just normal working people like the rest of us. The new side bar on the left is a solution for the time being. As for most/least played game it doesn't keep track of that but maybe that is something that could make it into the Premium version or an update later. Ok on the #,A-Z listing issue, I have been using LB for a while now and had thought about asking about this and decided not to. I do, in a way, understand why it may be set this way. Primarily I think it is for sequels, but if you go and edit "said game" go to the "Other" tab and you will see a area called "Sort Title". Here you can manipulate the system to force you # titles to the front vs the rear of your listing. For "1943" just put "a 1943" into the Sort Title box and it will still display as "1943" but will be forced to the front of your list. Maybe an option will be added later to allow this. I hope this has helped some. Always remember that this is an open community and all ideas, suggestion, and support are welcomed and needed.
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Thanks very much for the welcome and the detailed answer! I installed v3.6 earlier today but haven't had a chance to really play around with the sidebar. Looks like there are quite a few improvements which are not included in the changelog (for example, in previous versions CTRL+A wouldn't select all for me, but it will in 3.6). Also, I've since had time to go through Jason's Issues list on Bitbucket and I see that there are already a few requests which overlap some of the things I'm after. I'm very impressed with the way this whole project is progressing, and am very much looking forward to seeing where it all goes.
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