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  1. Below is a link to the work around for No Man's Sky if your video card doesn't support OpenGL 4.5. (AKA crash to desktop at white screen after title screen). This was a huge problem for me as neither my CPU or GPU support OpenGL 4.5 as AMD has stopped driver updates for the legacy cards (anything below HD 7800). I have tested this and works well enough to play on my HD 6670. I had to turn everything down to low, windowed, no boarder, vsync off, and 1280x720. Frame rate is a bit all over the place but even people with high end machines are seeing massive fluctuation in
  2. Have patience someone from the team will get you sorted. I am not sure what is causing the issue but someone will get you help. Thank You in advance our new friend. Cheers.
  3. devilhanzou said Does anyone have a quick guide on setting up Desmume for Nintendo DS Roms without Retroarch. It plays the games fine for me but for some reason I cannot get it to work with LaunchBox on its own. Any help is really appreciated.. Just double check that when you have the DeSmume selected as the emulator that you have it pointing to the exe file. I'm currently using version 0.9.10 without issue.
  4. Absolutely agree. I just wanted to make sure it was on the radar. I've been in the community 2 years next month and it's been a blast so far! Thank You to everyone involved!
  5. I do believe you can mount the CD IMG in Daemon Tools and then use Image Burn to make either a bin and cue or ISO. But batch convert, I'm sure if you're clever you could probably pull it off. I personally have only written batch files to auto mount and auto un-mount ISOs when launching my Saturn and 3DO games. Also once I made one to keep track of game play time for a game, but it only kept track of the amount of time the game was open and kept a log of each start and end time.
  6. @SentaiBrad If enough people showed interest, would you be willing to do a tutorial for emulating the Amiga CD32? I myself can kind of get it to work. Sometimes it works fine and other times it says no media is detected. It's a difficult one to work with. But it's only worth your time to do a video tutorial if people are interested. Cheers.
  7. I was just curious if there were any plans in the future, at some point, to bring LB to the Android platform (ARM devices). I only bring this up because ARM devices are becoming more powerful everyday and also many people that cannot afford a PC most often have an Android based phone, tablet, or box. For example, here in Thailand most people here don't own a PC. They pay to play PC games at a gaming/internet cafe. However everyone here, almost, have smart phones or tablets. I'm sure there are many other places around the world that are also like this. I believe if LB was brought to Android
  8. Found one problem child in my games, GTA V. Now I need to re-clock my video card for this one game, or set a custom profile for this game to load with the over clock that works for it. One bad apple ruins the bunch I tell ya, lol.
  9. Yeah not bad I guess. Everything seems to run great with the exception of benchmarking software. I can't make it through Cinebench R15 or Heaven Benchmark after the OC. But so far all my games run fine. So my games say stable and the benchmarking software says non-stable. I will have to wait and see. Below are my before and after results for GPU Shark, GPU-Z, and CPU-Z.
  10. Finally decided to go for the ol' free performance upgrade...OC (overclock). My base system is... AMD A4-5600k 3.6GHz stock (after market Cooler Master V6 Heatsink I installed 4 years ago) G-Skill Razor 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 (2x4GB) Power Color AMD 6670 2GB DDR3 128bit 800MHz (stock GPU clock) 667MHz (stock memory clock) stock cooler I max at 53C but ambient temp here today is 33C After OC... AMD A4-5600k 4.2GHz *16.7% OC* (100MHz X42 stock voltage 1.365V) G-Skill Razor 8GB 1600MHz *20% OC* (100MHz X16 stock voltage) DDR3 (2x4GB) Power Color AMD 6670 2GB DDR3 128bit 850MHz *6.7% OC*
  11. The only one I really played a lot was the Grand Turismo series. Most other series I only play a few games from them.
  12. I'm still not sold on W10 yet. Win7 works great for me. If it's not broke don't fix it.
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