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Hi, Would it be possible to add an option to point to artwork we already have on our hard drives? The GamesDB is down at the moment, so cannot add any images. I do have a collection of Box Art that I could use instead, if there was an option for it. I am a member at emuxtras.net, which is a project to collect extras for games. This includes synopsis info, Box Art, Screenshots, Videos, GameFAQs, Manuals .etc. I have been looking for a frontend that would enable me to use these extras, and LaunchBox would be ideal, if I was able to use offline artwork.
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Just to add some more info on the synopsis at EmuXtras... There is a online synopsis editor where members can add game info such as Publisher, Year, Region .etc, and even a small description of the game. This information can then be exported as txt files. Here is the exported synopsis for Sega Master System - http://rghost.net/58984000 It includes a .txt file for each game, but also a single synopsis.txt with all the games combined.
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I have been asking for local scraping for sometime now, so it is on Jason's radar, however I believe it is currently on the backburner. I see 3.7 has just released with a new scraper for Wiki which has got me very excited. I have not tried it yet, but the data offered should be far more substantial than what TGDB had. This does not solve the problem for people who use custom data for their collection, but for general scope it is a step in the right direction. I have never heard of EmuXtras before, I will have to check it out sometime.
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