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  1. If you have a lot, you can add them as ROMS without an emulator. Just go to import ROMS, point to the directory containing the shortcuts > Platfortm PC > Emulator None.
  2. Thanks Jason, that worked. OK, I have started the framework of the Wiki. Let me know if it is the kind of thing you were looking for. No actual content has been added yet. Actually, I did add your videos to the relevant pages, but they still need the text/images version. That reminds me, we could do with the option to upload images like here in the forum. As it stands, any images must be from external sources (the few I added are currently in my Dropbox).   Anybody who wants to contribute, just choose a topic and add the content. Even if you just add 1 entry, its better than nothing. If everyone did just 1, this first phase would be pretty much complete. C'mon guys, chip in.
  3. Jason Carr said I want to create a Retroarch Wiki for all these types of details. https://www.launchbox-app.com/wiki/launchbox/launchbox/emulator-settings-for-all-platforms/retroarch-libretro-multiple-platforms Ready for content. It is currently a sub-wiki under Emulator Settings (Command-Line Options). Move it if necessary (possibly Manage Emulators?)
  4. Yeah, my son (6) is pretty good with a controller now, though it was a little tricky for him at first and I had to keep encouraging him. I've always let him win on some games, gradually making it tougher for him, but now he can actually beat me, even when I am really trying. He continues to surprise me with how good he is at some games.
  5. Jason Carr said Agreed. I have some pretty neat ideas for library sharing/social features as well, though, so hopefully it'll at least be progressive. Sounds intriguing
  6. bd00

    Details Sidebar - Tabs

    I like that idea. +1
  7. OK, first off we cannot edit the landing page, so are unable to create new sub-wikis. This leaves us pretty much stuck at the moment. I think, to get started we should do something like this (we can always change this at a later date): What do you think? You need to unlock the landing page, or reorganise it before we can start. EDIT: Also, I think videos as well as text (and images) would be a good idea... *nudge* @SentaiBrad
  8. The landing page looks much tidier. The sub wikis works well. I will start contributing tomorrow. I don't know where to start. Maybe create a small list of what you think should be added first and people can choose something from the list to add. Just to get the ball rolling. Once people start populating the wiki, we will have a better idea of how it should work and look. Also, is it possible for us to add/edit the categories, I can't find a way to do it. Maybe I am just tired and missing it. Right, I am off to bed. I will pick this up tomorrow.
  9. bd00

    Satoru Iwata

    Rest in peace.
  10. bd00

    chatpad super driver

    Great news! I will have take a closer look at this. Thanks @Mute64
  11. It beats a circle eating dots and ghosts. I mean, how do you even eat a ghost? It would pass right through you faster than Friday nights Vindaloo! Pac-man is flawed Namco... flawed!
  12. Hehe. Rip-off - YES! Terrible - Maybe not! Who wouldn't love to be a square wearing a cap, eating pretzels and zombies? I forgot to mention the pretzel bit didn't I? Would that sway you?
  13. Figured I might as well start a thread to discuss the new Wiki. Looks good so far @Jason. I added emulator settings as a quick test. A few of things off the bat: Can you remove the "SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL" sidebar from the Wiki? Give us more space to work with, at least on the entry page. How do the tags work? Is it single word or separated by comma's etc. New entries are posted above the links to the wikis (BB & LB) on the main page. It might be better if you do this below, if at all. Or maybe have the 5 most recent entries below each wiki, just the title with a link. E.g. That's all for now, I would like to hear other peoples thoughts.
  14. LOL Nah, development is moving at a great pace, you're a busy bee. I just saw an opportunity for a joke... and I took it.
  15. What about Cap-man? A red square with a yellow cap. Maybe Zombies instead of ghosts, they are the monster of choice these days. Cap-man and the Strolling Dead.
  16. If it could also import profiles from other apps, that would be truly awesome.
  17. bd00

    chatpad super driver

    It has been a long time since I last investigated this, but it was not possible with the wireless controllers back then. However it was a long time ago and things have probably improved, so I have no idea.
  18. Glad to hear it. You have been waiting a while now, so fingers crossed they will be good news. Don't worry about me, you will find that I do this sometimes and it's just because I am busy and real life has to take precedence over my hobbies. Also, you did a great job with your images, please keep it up. I will add them to the repository, I just haven't got round to it yet. Can you do me a favour though please? Could you put the images in a spoiler container, or remove the image preview completely from the post? It just makes for a nightmare of a page load and makes things difficult to find. Thanks again, Martin.
  19. Thanks @scree, I will add this to the emulator setttings thread.
  20. @reely989 Great info, I will try it out. Thanks. . @Jason I found a couple of things, though judging by what you said, I doubt they will be any help. But just in case... https://github.com/DieKatzchen/GuideButtonPoller/blob/master/GuideButtonPoller.cpp http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=26792.0 (Reply #5 is where it gets interesting) This guy has an app that utilises the guide button. The app itself is not great, but he has shared the source. http://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/1goval/any_way_to_map_the_middle_xbox_360_button/camujj7 Finally, Pinnacle Game Profiler is like Xpadder, however it also allows you to map the guide button. http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/ Also, Brad has a good point regarding Steam BPM. That would definitely need investigating further.
  21. Luckily it wasn't fatal!
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