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Suggestions: A. Preferences option for default game folder. B. Ability to select multiple images when adding. Perhaps they should all default to same type as last image added. C. Ability to right click a value from the filter column (left column) and change it in all games where it is listed. Example suppose I have series name set on a series with 30 games but there is a spelling error, if I just select the filter by series option from the left column, i can right click the series with the issue and rename it on all 30 without having to open each one. D. Ability to multiedit custom fields (i.e. when selecting multiple games then clicking edit the fields should show up). E. When you click add image button, remember last folder an image was added from and start there F. Click to play video on the game details (right column) using existing video path field G. custom user fields should be like the main screen dropdowns in that the values you enter in them can be selected from a dropdown and you can select more than one (multivalue). Also right now custom fields only show up after you click ok on a newly added game as opposed to being available to start with. H. currently the values in custom user fields aren't sorting alphabetically like the other field types in the filter (left) column. It is very hard to eliminate duplicates. I. Add cheat codes tab with text area J. some additional standard field suggestions: Engine (eg. Unreal, Source, etc...). Serial number (who remembers these things or where you put them. Works? (Checkbox). K. none destructive multi edit, in that you can add a value to a field like genre to a bunch of titles without replacing existing ones. L. forward and back arrows on the individual game dialog so that it switches to the next game from the filtered list on screen without cancelling and having to click on the next one M. ambitious: access Launchbox data through ios/android paid app. N. (4 suggestions in 1): Search sometimes returns no results at all. It's not even a case sensitivity issue. See screenshot. top part shows that I have an entry with title: Origin (2015) listed. The left filter is set to All (so no filtering). The search field is blank. The right hand side sorting is set to by title. Bottom part of screenshot shows that when I enter: Origin in the search field, launchbox only returns one listing (wing commander prophecy). So the question is why didn't return the Origin entry. I even entered it with the same Case (uppercase O). The answer is not readily visible in the screenshot. I had to scroll up because in fact it returned 25 titles. All the ones that are in the origin folder, and Origin utility itself appeared somewhere in the middle but it wasn't quite obvious I had to scroll up. I am not sure what to suggest here. Perhaps the number of search results can show up which would be nice to have anyway. On searching, the scroll should automatically go to the top of the search results which is intuitive. Which brings me to another point, the scroll bar area for both left and right screens is draggable but not clickable. In that you can normally click on the bottom (non highlighted part of the scroll bar) to go all the way to the bottom, but currently in launchbox you would have to click the hgihglighted area of the scroll bar and drag down. The scroll bar is also too low profile in that the none hihglighted area of the scroll bar is the same color as the background. So those are pretty much the same request, make the non highlighted part of the scrollbar distinguishable and functional (clickable).search.png O. Ability to define default values for newly created games
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