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Error while trying to update EmuMovies boxart


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I am not sure if I did something wrong, if their site is just having some downtime or I have to do something to fix this. Screenshot_2.png What I did was to delete every picture I had from the folders and then selected all the files I have in my library and download any picture I could from all the sources, except the front cover/boxart. I also added priority to EmuMovies, by ticking the box. Now all my games have everything but boxart, but when I try to download the boxart only from Emumovies, the process finishes in seconds and it gives me this error, without of course downloading anything. I am wondering if I actually am at fault this happened. -Edit- Welp, it seems it was EmuMovies' fault. Tried it now and it works normally. I am glad I did not open a ticket for this.
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