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  1. I am not really talking about you guys and this forum, but any place. I started using the 100 series ever since I found it, but never seen it suggested. Others suggest the 1000, others the 5000 and for ePSXe its the 7502. I guess though I can understand now that you mentioned "exploitable". Never thought that newer bios might contain protections that restrict. Thanks Brad and sorry for dragging this kind of offtopic.
  2. I wonder why people do not seem to suggest the 100 series of PSOne bios. Although I doubt the differences are that great, it still makes me wonder why. I know though the bios of the 1000 series seem to give problems rarely with games.
  3. I am not sure if this is a bug or it is because I have not used Launchbox for a while. I recently got back to it and updated it to version 7 and when I saw that new feature, I decided to use it. I visited the LaunchBoxDB 5 minutes after I started using it and it seems it has been updated, but the program kept syncing, so I left it overnight. As I expected, it is still syncing.
  4. I am not sure if this will help, but I use ClickOff 1.90 for such automations. I have it usually for applications that have random ad popups, like antivirus, but I have used it for other cases, like this one. It detects the name of the window popup and it can click a button on it, depending the text or position of the button. Really old forgotten program, but I have never stopped using it.
  5. Warcraft 2.. I still remember how shocked I was to see it play much faster on my 486@33MHz.. I remember Warcraft 1 being all slow and pixelated, where Warcraft 2 was so clear and fast. I have absolutely no idea up to today why that happened. Sadly thought, Warcraft 2 hasn't had such an impact on me. But either way, there is no such thing as a grey area. You are either owner of the original game, that you have a copy of, or you are pirating it. If someone checks the discs (or disks if we go even more back XD) and they have 100% same content as your media, then all are ok. If not, then it is pirated. Obviously no one would be so paranoid to go to such extremes with checking. The grey area only exists in the minds of people and not in the law. I believe getting old games is fine too. Depending on the "pocket power", either look for originals or emulated. But I believe new generation should experience the past, and take a peek at the age where games did not have the power to depend on graphics, but only gameplay and imagination.
  6. If you do not mind Commodore 64 Cassette loading times when starting a game, you could always try and see if it is worth to compress them. If 7z works a tiny bit, then compressing them will just gain you the experience people had when loading game in the far past. Well, you could consider that Emulation of loading times.
  7. WBFS is not the 1:1 copy of a Wii game. WBFS vary, since it depends if the one that made it scrubbed off data, like updates or just the parts that are not needed. I do not think the Wii CISO compresses the data, as much as just gets rid of the unneeded data, like the WBFS does. So even if there will be a tiny gain, you will not be able to compress WBFS further. I might be wrong, since i have not tried to mess with Wii images for a handful of years bad something might have changed, but at least back then, CISO was not better than WBFS.
  8. A friend of mine that loves collector's editions of Zelda has to import stuff since sadly Greece does not get much love. I used to do so too, but nowadays thanks to the crisis, I am worried for other things XD Thank god Final Fantasy 13 disappointed me and made me totally forget collector's stuff.
  9. Eh, nowadays there are portable tools people can get in Bleeping computer that kick malware out. For me the worst I ever got was the "I love you" virus. May all the pictures and memories I had back then rest in piece. Afar from that I ran into problems throughout years, but since i got MBAM Premium, as they call it now, I really stopped doing formats all the time. Also, good luck and strength with that Jason, along with everything else.
  10. Turning off the antivirus will not help anyway. As soon as the Antivirus is back up, it will remove the file same way. I am not mentioning it definitely as a good idea, but more like showing that it feels common. It is the same with MAME. I still remember a past version of MAME Plus and how people were upset it was a virus, all because of last positives with it. I always have Malwarebyte Antimalware active protection, but I got it cause there was a lifetime license sale and in the past I went for it. It always catches crapware that antivirus do not and even installers that I know that have opencandy, cleans them and lets the installer run. But if BigBox will remain in these false positives, or at least in the list of BitDefender, people will always have problems and of course the ones that are a bit looney with protection, will feel unsafe and roll back along with complaining.
  11. False positives are all around and Antivirus are just oversensitive. I am not sure if contacting BitDefender and telling them to recheck the file would be faster than wasting time on that. I would say you should not, since false positives are normal, but I am sure that makes users distressed when they do not know what is going on or see the warning. As a sidenote, Hyperspin had 17 search engines since last years, marking it as malware, since version 1.3.3. THe latest version, 1.4 has currently 19 stikes. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/dffe3b663a66be1d9573a0794332b2556cab3be4d090179c1ba1e61d78a99238/analysis/1463504653/ They ended up telling people that if downloads fail, they should turn off their antivirus because of that. For better or worse false positives always have been around.
  12. BigBox.exe is found currently by Ad-Aware , Arcabit, BitDefender, Emsisoft, F-Secure, GData and eScan as malware, as a false possitive. Sadly BitDefender is not only one of the most used Antivirus software, but also has false positives. It is a problem that seems to have happened with 5.10. I had to go to BitDefender's Quarantine box and restore the file on my laptop.
  13. Just as a suggestion, afar from trying to guess or go through things that might be wrong, there is a way to further help yourself to pinpoint the problem (well at least more). I have been using MAMEUI in the far past, since it was way more user friendly and better organized than MAME for me. You can look up MAMEUIFX for your version and download it. I do not have my roms inside the roms folder, because I use both MAME and MAMEUIFX, keeping the ROMS in a separate folder. You can though just get it, place in in a folder, run it and then go to Options > Directories > ROMS (it is the first one that will be selected anyway) > Insert > find the roms folder where you have all your roms and add it. After that, MAMEUIFX will audit your roms and when its done you can use it to launch games and more importantly, check what is wrong with the game if it does not work. It more or less does the same thing RomCenter does when it audits, showing you what is wrong and what is missing.
  14. Uhmmm... if I am seeing well, you do not have the files inside the folder "roms" but inside a folder called MAME 0.161 ROMS, that is inside the folder roms. That means the files are not in roms folder, but in a subfolder.
  15. MAME seems to have built in BIOS, which is why, especially for arcade games, does not need extra BIOS. I too got my pack and at least up to now BIOS games that came with it, work out of the box. At least I can tell you how you can check if you have some BIOS files. Look up neogeo.zip (or 7z, whichever you have). I know this is needed by Metal Slug at least. If you do not have it, you are missing BIOS files.
  16. Thanks as always for the helping hand Brad. I used ClrMamePro to update to 0.173. I have to admit ClrMamePro looked all confusing with so many options, but I ended up using it because of the No-Intro's 1G1R. Now it feels way too easy so I use it to update the database through MAME and rebuild the pack. I do not update occasionally, but when I do, I do not mind letting my PC work for a day on the update. The difference for me is 7GB, but I think that might be, because ever since MAME got 7z support, I switched to that. Glad to know it works even as Merged. Once more, thanks a lot.
  17. A baseball card costing more than a brand new Ferrari? (well much newer than the card). Now that sounds about right.
  18. Really just want an opinion. Merged feels more organized and less chaotic, at least when it comes to looking the files. I have not yet tried to check how importing MAME roms in LB works, but I am wondering about two things. Does MAME use the parent rom when a merged file is used through LB and would MAME filter out the clone games of a split set, if all were thrown on it to be imported?
  19. Actually this place looks more like a treasure vault, rather than anything else. Jame's place, be it from the AVGN's videos or just like an area, it has a really warm homey feeling. It does not feel it was made to store and preserve games, but to store games so they can be played.
  20. Thing is, that the more accurate the looks of PSX games on emulators, the more all the things that CRT TV hides will show. This is why at least for PSX, I avoid anything that boasts accurate emulation. Also wow.. just reading that makes me smile. Thanks for the link. Also I really need to update my RA. Have to check the changes since 1.3.0. But the sure is 3D games look bad. I have yet to play my all time favorite game, because when I saw the 3D on an emulator, I cringed. I wish I had the eyes I have before a decade, that everything looked awesome, even if they actually were not that great XD
  21. This is a bit off topic, but I want to ask something. Does Mednafen with the RA shaders actually have a good image for PSX games? One of the main reasons I do not change ePSXe, is all the configuratiosn to make the games look better. I honestly have better luck using my PS2 with my CRT, but on PC, especially 3D games look bad without all the settings of ePSXe. 100% correct emulation looks bad to me. I understand that they look like this, cause the 3D graphics are actually hollow shapes to save processing power (sorry if I do not know what i ma talking about, I just remember some talks by a 3D designed friend). On a TFT you see all those shapes and how badly they are made. I was shocked when I tried to Emulate my FF9 and it looked so horrible. Normally I would go and play on my CRT, but ever since I got tinnitus, the sound my CRT TV does, makes the ringing in my ears so bad.
  22. So much love and care to put together the guide step by step. Feels aimed for people that know nothing about the difficult part of MAME and just know how to play games.
  23. O.O holy. Kind of makes me feel weird and bad to see this being sold.. like someone decided to move on.
  24. The reason the OP is using 7z files, is probably not to save a little space, but probably something like 2/3's ot 3/4's of the uncompressed size. Merged packs with solid 7z can compress alike roms as you know almost to the point they all have the size of one of them being compressed by itself. Sadly those merged packs are not the way to go for sure, since indeed the emulator catches the first rom, not caring if it is bad, Japanese or hacked so the main character walks on his hands while singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Definitely avoid merged packs if you at least want to control what you are playing. I am talking as a person always being a cheapskate on my remaining HDD space, but honestly only the GBA and N64 might be worth the 7z format. Another merit is that in those merged packs, games that are same, but have a different name, are all grouped in a single file. That way people do not have duplicates scattered all around the folder, so it is more organized.
  25. I think he is just using a collection romset he found with only a handful games. Either way, like it shows on your pictures, you do not have 1941, but 1941r1. Also you will see that the files the MAME throws as error are missing, so whatever your source of roms were, it is bad. It is better to find another source. Also, you do not need to install RomCenter. I use the latest beta 4 version and it does not need installation, but I ma sure even the latest stable has a portable version. You really have to extract in a folder and run the exe.
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