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Sega 32x Screenshots Pack


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Here are 2 screenshots for each Sega 32x Game. One title screen, One gameplay. I have been doing screenshots of all the roms in my collection. To make it match your collection you may have to rename the files\folders. The screenshots are 640x480 and in .PNG format. To make them work make sure the folders are named the same as your roms, Then i just put all the folders into the Screenshot - Game Title folder they are named 01 02 to make them go title screen then action. If anyone finds this helpful let me know as I have done a lot of other systems as well. The main reason for this was 1 the file size at several mb of for each screen each was a waste of space. 2 the screenshots are a consistent resolution 3 They are in folders named the the same as the roms to greatly reduce clutter and make replacing them easier. 4 I figure it makes more sense to have 50 folders over 5000 images. http://www.mediafire.com/download/34ktipglr2z9s2r/Sega_32X_-_Screenshots.zip Cheers all b safe.
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Wow, thanks for sharing this! I know it's a lot of images, but have you thought about uploading some of these to games that are lacking in this category? Images are separated out a lot more now. While placing all screenshots in to the same folder works, you wouldn't be able to accurately use the Image Priorities system.
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If you want to. the LaunchBox Games Database. I know users would appreciate it. http://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/ We have guidelines and everything: https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/games-database-news-and-updates/moderator-guidelines#p15363 Users have been able to upload metadata and media to our Database for months now! If the game you want to add images to doesn't exist, you can add it. When you try and add it, it will look to see if the game exists for that platform already too. An easy check is if a game in LaunchBox doesn't have a blue link in the top right of the edit page. Also, please make sure that the images get uploaded to the proper categories so that they get downloaded properly. If a title image already exists for a game too and it's not in the right category, you can edit it to the proper category OR if the image you have is better quality you can replace it with your version. All submissions need to have a total of 3 approval votes over rejection votes too. So if you have 2 rejections but 3 approvals, the change wont be made public, you'd need 5 approvals at that point.
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