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  1. You could map Alt + Tab to a button combination on your controller. Otherwise, Big Box is designed to be a fullscreen application, similar to a game or Steam Big Picture mode.
  2. When importing MAME games, there is an option to automatically create playlists based on certain preset factors. There's also an option in the menu to create these after the fact. You can also Ctrl + Click several games at once, to add more than 1 game at a time. A drag and drop system, or a more streamlined system does sound nice. You're more than welcome to request it by clicking Issues/Requests at the top of the website. Don't forget to vote on your own ticket. Otherwise, Ctrl + Clicking to select multiples at once might help speed things up considerably.
  3. There is a reason for it though. That's what I'm trying to say. If the database has a Pal set of images, they should go in the Europe folder. You're more than welcome to request there be an option to not make these folders, and not have them sorted by going to Issues/Requests and making the ticket. All I was trying to get at is that they have a purpose, and it's just meant for organization.
  4. Yea, our submitters and moderators have been knocking it out of the park. I can't thank you all enough for your hard work on fixing up these systems that need the love.
  5. Big Box will have a specific steam like grid view here soon. As for LaunchBox, please feel free to request some changes so that it could be made more possible by clicking Issues/Requests at the top of the forums. A presets type of function, where we could share preset files for users to change their configurations for LB looks would be cool, but also opening up the ability to be able to edit more fine tuned would be cool, probably with some warnings just in case to let the user know "hey, this might not look right if you go below this value". @Jason Carr
  6. Except that LaunchBox will create a ton of folders to work within it's own system. This is how LaunchBox is set up to work. If LaunchBox was changing folders for other software or doing things to your OS, that's one thing, but it created a few folders several sub folders down. The only time it will create those folders elsewhere is if you tell LaunchBox your media is in another location, it will then create the files and folders it needs in that locations because it's being set up for download. These folders are created and then used for images to be put in, when they're properly labeled on the Database.
  7. So chances are it's because it's still using it's default driver. For PS3 controllers, I used to use MotionJoy, but that doesn't work anymore unfortunately. I did find an alternative, but I never used it. I moved on to PS4 controllers before MotionJoy stopped working. You'll need to get that up and running so that the PS3 controller uses Xinput drivers. RetroArch should automatically see your controller afterwards.
  8. There we go! Wow, I effect change faster than I realized /sarcasm
  9. It's there to help sort images downloaded from the database that are properly tagged, so that they can be filtered for users by region. It can't be stopped as far as I can tell. If you don't mind me asking, how are they invasive?
  10. I think Jason does want to expand the capabilities in that area, to be fair, he wants to expand everything. So, I guess I really don't need to mention it, but yea, he's always thinking of new and better stuff. If you'd like to request better game tracking, then I know for a fact there is at least 1 or 2 tickets for it in the BitBucket. Click Issues/Requests at the top, make a quick search and vote on the ticket. If it doesn't exist, feel free to make it, but I am fairly certain it does exist. The only tracking that we probably wont implement is time spent on each game. We might be able to do time spent on a single system, but even that could get wildly inaccurate fast, which is our primary reason for not being able to do it now; we don't have a good way to implement hours logged. As for something like a History, or other features that I can't think of, they're all probably good ideas.
  11. No, Windows, DOS, and even Windows 3.x and Windows 9.x should be different. There are too many issues when it's all combined. W3.x and 9.x aren't platforms yet, but we're moving in that direction. Even if the games are identical from DOS to PC, which most were the same or marginally different (like slightly better music), or even vastly different (much bigger resolution, voice acting, etc), they should still be kept separate. They were treated very differently back then, and like they were new platforms. I think getting down to the operating system would be too far, like needing a platform for W95, W98, 2000, XP, etc, so that's why we're going with the major eras.
  12. Oh also, to the conversation about the PS3 controller @THRobinson, for PS3 controllers, you need extra software installed, and most of it is hard to find now. I used to use MotionJoy, and when searching it up recently I found the website offline. You can't even download it from another site to use it, because the application requires the internet and the site no longer exists, so it wont work. I recall there being an offline version or an alternate piece of software, but I don't know where or what they are anymore. Ever since I switched to the superior PS4 controller, I have only used the PS3 controller on my PS3. Once you have it installed though, the PC will think it's a 360 controller, and it should bind automatically. It might bind automatically even with it's default drivers, but it's best overall to install MotionJoy or equivalent for PS3 controllers, and InputMapper for PS4 controllers, as this converts the drivers used to Xinput, which means more software and game compatibility. RA's layout is perfectly fine to me, to be honest. Everything is in sections, and everything in those sections seems to belong. The only thing that's hard to understand is the Quick Menu, which only shows up with a game or core loaded. In there are extra settings and options mostly related to the game or core loaded, hence why it only shows up when a game or core is loaded up. There are also some other hidden things like pressing Tab in MAME RA, like in regular MAME, to bring up that MAME UI menu. I would also like to mention that RA isn't the best at every single system. All the new systems they just added recently are very much Alpha or Beta status and shouldn't be used as a replacement just yet, with the exception of maybe the X68000 core. Otherwise, even some of the cores that have been there a while aren't better than the Standalones. DS, PSP, DOS, Dreamcast, all come to mind quickly. MAME used to be on that list, but it's gotten much much better in recent months. I still prefer MAME Standalone, but hey. As far as MESS goes in MAME, I would avoid it in RA like the plague. The core's emulation it's self is good, but it's getting MESS in MAME in RA to run that's the issue. Just the way I had to explain it should showcase why.
  13. Also, anything in brackets doesn't effect scraping what so ever. They're ignored when grabbing the name. The name, when you edit a game, still shows just the name. Those tags are used by LaunchBox though, for various things, the biggest being Audit. The Audit will pull some extra info about your games if the version field has anything in it.
  14. Well like I said in another thread, that list wasn't meant to be for the users. It was only ever meant to be something Jason and I used. The only thing that's changed is Mednafen is Beetle now, but the cores are still labeled mednafen. Otherwise, it sorts it by platform so that narrows things down.
  15. As far as I know, yes it is. I'm fairly certain it was meant to be manual. I know it was just to help better with sorting, but now that the Database is getting upgraded significantly more and more, it might be something to look at adding in the long run. @Vlansix