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No-Intro and auditing rom sets


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Hi, I'm still in the process of organizing my collection of No-Intro roms and wondering if they are needing to be audited. What I mean is, I know they are being updated all the time, but what I wanted to make sure of is that the names are correct for one thing. When these sets come out, are they correctly named to a standard? Right now I am not even dealing with arcade, I want to get my console collection finished before I even think about arcade. I've heard that clrmamepro is the best for auditing roms, but I couldnt get it to load more that the first dat file, after that it wouldnt show any more no matter how many I tried to load. I would load another dat file, refresh the list, and absolutely nothing would happen. No more dat files in the list, and no options for creating a profile. I guess for now, if I had to use a program for auditing, would romcenter be good enough for console games?
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You don't need to do anything with No-Intro romsets other than load them in LaunchBox and then delete what you don't want in there. I just do my organizing in LaunchBox for consoles. If you want to delete a game in LaunchBox along with the actual rom file, you can do that too by checking off an option in the options. The filenames are fine for No-Intro and it's the standard. Most of the games will match up to the LaunchBox database metadata and images for the games. LaunchBox Games DataBase is in alpha though, so of course there will be cases where you have to manually edit games or rename them... also the database isn't perfect and might be missing some games, which you can contribute and add them yourself. It's a community edited database that will always be a WIP. Honestly, If you get your roms from a reliable good source than all you really need clrmamepro for is to update MAME romsets, which get updated once a month (if you want to stay up to date that often). There is no point in updating No-Intro with clrmamepro because the filesizes are small enough to just re-download the set when a new one comes out... which is not often. I think the latest No-Intro is (2016-01-03). That's what I do anyway. But... you can get a dat file for your no-intro sets and just make sure everything matches up, but it's optional.
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