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  1. My 2 cents would be not to match the video to each graphic, but to match each graphic to the position of the video.
  2. One option could be for you to repurpose the Windows background image. It's within the platform background folder. Just rename it to whatever you need.
  3. So, the view you are using is the horizontal image logo view, therefore the text you see is an auto-generated image of text that only Jason has access to changing (unfortunately). However, you do have a couple options here: Use the Community theme creator in order to auto generate all the images that you'll need. It's a fairly easy setup and once you have it set up it will generate all your images in under a minute. Then you just place the images in appropriate playlist image folder for the theme. You can use the text list view. This view doesn't rely on the horizontal banner images.
  4. You'll need to create your own banners, or use one of the many great ones within this community thread: BannerBox Community Banner Thread
  5. Ah, right, so what you are looking at is specifically a property within the wheel. It may take a bit of trial and error, but within the COMMUNITY Theme creator, you'll need to raise the property called "Vertical Resolution" on every view you use.
  6. The theme itself isn't hard coded to 1080p, it's actually hard coded to 16:9 ratio. However, all the banners are created using 1080p resolution. Therefore, if you want the banners to be as sharp as possible, you would have to remake them in 4k by adjusting the resolution within the COMMUNITY theme creator and creating your own 4k banners. Looks like 4k would be 768x2160
  7. All custom artwork works with this version. Folder locations are different, just make sure you look at the new locations.
  8. These look really cool. If you want to send me the backgrounds, I can work with you to add them to the theme. Probably best to do this within a PM.
  9. Just checked and unfortunately it doesn't look like I have a copy that old.
  10. I may have a copy of the old theme around somewhere. However, the theme itself wouldn't work, as it relied on a plugin that is now outdated and will give an error if you try to run it.
  11. I see what you mean. You are talking about the BoxArt within BigBox. There's a transition presenter element for the main image that theme creators can use. Unfortunately, it's not included in the COMMUNITY Theme Creator at the moment. It's on the list to get added, when it does, I'll switch the boxart image to that main image transition presenter element. That will do what you want it to do.
  12. Hi @Jaybra. Are you able to provide more context?
  13. Update to version 1.1: Added a second proof-of-concept platform view which changes the lighting based on the time of day (Platform View 2). slight changes happen every hour, following your system clock. This was accomplished within the COMMUNITY Theme Creator utilizing the visibility conditioning feature. Both the Theme and COMMUNITY Theme files have been updated with this view, so people can see how it was accomplished. Here is what the entire 24 hours look like:
  14. Thanks @RedHoodRobin64. Sure, go ahead. It's a big complicated if you don't know XAML, as it's just elements with startup animation to them.
  15. Glad the GIFs are working. I'm not able to recreate the freezing. Maybe you need to unblock the plugins?
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