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      LaunchBox.Next Now Available!   03/15/2018

      LaunchBox.Next is now available in the latest beta release. It's a complete modern overhaul for the main LaunchBox interface.  


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  1. CoverBox

    CoverBox - VirtualBoy has been released.
  2. RetroFresh - Big Box Theme

    I thought about it, however, in order to implement it, I would have to change the way the background images work, and I haven't really found a suitable solution.
  3. CoverBox

    Don't worry. Gameboy Advance is on the list. It's just not next.
  4. RetroFresh - Big Box Theme

    Made some changes to RetroFresh and RetroFresh detailed, which bumped both of them to version 1.5 Platform View 1 and 2 the banner now fades away after 3 seconds Peak view has been implemented. The wheel now moves out of the way after 4 seconds. Platform View 3 The video now stretches to fit different aspect ratios Had to change the code for displaying background images for the video to stretch created a fade-in animation for the background image Fix Fixed the issue where Platform notes were not displaying properly
  5. CoverBox

    Thanks @CDBlue. There is a tentative list, but nothing too fixed. I've got an idea for the next few. I'll keep you guys posted.
  6. CoverBox

    Haha... That's the dream.
  7. RetroFresh - Big Box Theme

    I can put together a version that will stretch the video no matter the size, and you can see if you like it better.
  8. RetroFresh - Big Box Theme

    What is the resolution of your display?
  9. RetroFresh - Big Box Theme

    Hi @denmiclaw. How are you adding the notes to the categories? Looks like RetroFresh is working with mine: In LaunchBox, I select Platform Category in the dropdown, right click one of them and choose Edit. It seems to be displaying whatever is in the Notes tab.
  10. CoverBox

    CoverBox - Wii has been released. Enjoy.
  11. CoverBox

    Thanks @Mr. RetroLust. Unfortunately, this is not currently possible with the way themes are right now. However, the game details page does allow you to view the back of the box.
  12. CoverBox

    I've made an update to CoverBox - GameBoy and CoverBox - GameBoy Color which should fix the issue people were having with some videos not displaying properly. They have now both been updated to version 1.1 Thanks @deliyuerek85 for testing the fix for me.
  13. CoverBox

    Which game video are you having issue with. Is there one where you can view it in the default theme, but not in GB?
  14. CoverBox

    Can always put together something like this if you want.
  15. CoverBox

    I'm sure I will get there eventually.