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  1. faeran


    CoverBox - SNES has been updated to version 1.1 Added the CoverBox splash page for uniformity Added horizontal scrolling game description (thanks to HelperControl plugin) Game list now centers while scrolling (thanks to ListBox Scroll Center for BigBox plugin) Added better looking scan line Added animation to the clear logo Compressed background and star rating images Optimized code
  2. faeran


    Coverbox - Sega Saturn has been added.
  3. faeran


    CoverBox - 32X has been added.
  4. Just posting a video progress update. Still a lot of work to do, but the foundation for the first view is mostly complete, barring coding tweaks and replacing some placeholder graphics. Still a long way to go.
  5. faeran

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Does anyone know if x:Load or x:DeferLoadStrategy can be used? or a way that would allow you to delay/defer loading certain elements after a game is selected?
  6. faeran


    Always something on the horizon. There's a bunch being worked on. As well as revisions of older ones. And 1 or 2 other projects as well.
  7. Here it is. Highly in a work in progress state.
  8. faeran


    Hi @Replay. There are multiple platform views. You will need to go into bigbox settings and assign a button to switch views. Then you can cycle through the different platform views using that button.
  9. faeran


    Hey @Porl Hendy. Both are still going strong. Already a few coverbox themes almost complete.
  10. faeran


    CoverBox - Sega Mark III Gold has been released.
  11. faeran


    CoverBox - Dreamcast has been released.
  12. faeran


    There's just a number of tweaks that each one could probably use. It's more just polishing them up with things I've learned since I've started.
  13. faeran


    Thanks @ALIE. I'll be going back through all my Coverbox themes at some point and implementing this splash page (and a few other things) to all of them. It does seem like Sega is going well. Sony may need some love soon enough.
  14. faeran


    Hey @Nyny77. Sorry. Install this font. I'll update the theme with it shortly. COPRGTB.TTF
  15. faeran


    CoverBox - Sega CD has been released.