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  1. Hi @NOMAD0P. The way this theme works is it tries to match the name of your platform to a couple files within the theme's directories. It's trying to find "Sega Mega Drive" so it doesn't match your "Sega Megadrive" and instead displays the default view. You have 2 options: You can rename your platform in LaunchBox to "Sega Mega Drive" You can change the names of the 2 files within the theme to match your platform name. They are located in: LAUNCHBOX\Themes\CoverBox\Views\TextGamesView LAUNCHBOX\Themes\CoverBox\Views\TextListView Hope this helps.
  2. The theme itself just displays the play mode that you have set for each game in LaunchBox. If you want it to display how many players, you'll have to edit your games and set the play mode that way.
  3. This would actually involve a code change within one of the xaml files. I'm not entirely sure where in the code it's located, as this theme was remade using the theme editor, so all the code happens in the backend, and gets auto generated. Optimal solution would be to wait for y2guru to include the transition presenter within the editor itself. However, in the meantime, I could try to teach you how to use the editor to add the transition presenter manually. Probably best to switch this over to PM though, it could be a bit spammy.
  4. If I were to guess (without being on my computer), it probably has to do with the way the COMMUNITY editor calls the boxart, using a direct binding. @y2guru maybe a reason to include the main image transition presenter?
  5. If you are referring to the platform theme videos, those are downloaded from within Launchbox. Under Tools > Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos. Most of the videos are the Big Box Cinematix videos. Just remember that most themes don't come with media, they use your own media that you get from within LaunchBox.
  6. should be easy enough, as it's just an image file. Just delete or rename the following file: Launchbox\Themes\Vertigo\Images\Theme\scanlines.png
  7. faeran


    You are right. I made the decision to use one set of shelved games, as I just don't have the time involved in getting a decent set of shelved games for each platform and making them each fit. However, I created the theme with this in mind, as I made the shelved games a separate image, so it would be easy to swap them out. If anyone is willing to make these images, it wouldn't be too hard for me to package them into the theme and code it up.
  8. It's possible that you didn't unblock the plugins. I would delete the entire Coverbox folder and download it via the BigBox theme manager. The theme manager will automatically unblock any plugins. You will also make sure you aren't making a mistake when manually trying to update this theme. Let me know if that works.
  9. I really like the concept of this, but there's just no way I'm getting a shot of every game in my collection. Decided to take this idea and create a startup theme, using one of the screenshots in this post as inspiration. Posted it here for anyone interested.
  10. faeran


    StageBox View File A clean and simple startup theme that highlights the BoxArt. To install: Open the zip file and drag the StageBox folder into the LaunchBox\StartupThemes folder. Screenshots Submitter faeran Submitted 02/16/2020 Category Startup Themes
  11. faeran


    Version 1.0


    A clean and simple startup theme that highlights the BoxArt. To install: Open the zip file and drag the StageBox folder into the LaunchBox\StartupThemes folder. Screenshots
  12. It's the themer plugin. I think one of the launchbox updates introduced compatibility issues with plugin, which was resolved in a newer version of the plugin. Just haven't got around to apply the update to all my themes. The plugin does things differently, the icons are hidden deep in the plugins folder.
  13. Hi @HannesRoets. There's a possibility that this theme requires an updated plugin. I'll need to get around to doing that at some point.
    Looking to create a theme for BigBox? This is what you should be using, whether you know XAML or not. This is just an amazing program.
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