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Fanart files change order when I edit

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So I recently updated my Launchbox to and upgraded to Premium. (worth it by the way! Launchbox is great!) Since then, I've noticed something odd: every time I right-click a game and Edit it, the Fanart files for that game get re-ordered. What I mean is like, for example, I have in my "Fanart - Background" folder the files Contra-01, Contra-02, and Contra-03. If I edit my Contra game and change anything, the "Conra-01" picture gets relabeled "Contra-03" and 02 and 03 get changed to 01 and 02, respectively. Its very weird and it may sound like a "who cares" issue but I often add my own images for games or order them in a specific way so that the best ones are at the top (and therefore visible on the side bar). I went ahead and created a bug report but I was just wondering if anyone else was seeing this issue or knew of a way around it. Thanks
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