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Game name matching: duplicates and user interaction


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Hello, when importing a big game set (thousands) I've detected sometimes the same game is matched on database to different game files. If "force duplicates" is not selected all the games imported are unique, so the database matching should ignore the cases where the same entry is being mapped to different game files, as they are clearly wrong. Only the one with higher likelihood should be allowed.

Also, I understand this happens when game file names are not enough to find the correct database entry, or  such gameisnot inthe database. In this case:

1) Already matched games with higher likelihood should be porogressively left out of the choices.

2) If lower than a certain likelihood threshold, the user could be asked with the better options, so he can select the correct or say it's not there.

Both behavious were implemented in a handy filename mapping tool called fatmatch, I extensively used for matching my Emumovies media with my romsets before using LaunchBox:


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