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Yet Another Big Box/Steam Link//Controller Issue


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I have read all topics relating to controller issues with Big Box and Steam Link and none of it seems to even remotely help me. I have tried an XBox One S controller and a PS4 controller. I have setup "Gamepad" controller profiles for both to no avail. The XBox controller does slightly better than the PS4. I can move within Big Box with it but the only button that works is start, which acts as back in Big Box. The PS4 controller however has no movement. It just has the start button, which is also back. I've tried several different controller profiles and nothing seems to work. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Edit: Ah, I think I figured out the issue but it has brought me to another issue. I'm guessing Steam Link never used to do this but controller configurations are on a "per game" basis. So when I launch Big Box, I think it's reverting back to default controls. I decided to launch Retroarch and that's what happened and I changed it to gamepad configuration and it works fine. Now the problem is the Steam overlay doesn't work in Big Box so I can't access the controller configuration. Does anyone know if it's possible to set the configuration for every game or a way to tell it to use gamepad for Big Box?

This may be better posted on the Steam forum now that I think about it. But if anyone knows, thanks in advance.

Edit 2: I got the controller working within Big Box. The overlay still works, you just can't see it. So I blindly changed the configuration. Now onto 1 more (assuming final) issue. Whenever I launch a game, I think the controller stays bound to Big Box. I haven't tried a standalone emulator yet but if I launch a title that uses Retroarch, then Retroarch doesn't recognize any inputs. The device bind index are all N/A.

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