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need help troubleshooting retroarch custom configs


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I finally (after a month) got RetroArch 1.5.0 to run on my computer after realizing 1.3.6 didn't offer all the features I needed. However, now that I'm trying to set up my custom configs I've noticed a major issue and none of their forums are really helping (most end in just "I'll add it to things that need to get fixed", and these posts date back as far as 2015). I have each of my emulators save to specific folders, for example my main folder for NES emulation has a folder for ROMs, ROM hacks (ips/bps + box art), Game Genie (cheat save folder) & Battery (which has 2 folders, 1 for system save data, the other for save states). 

After turning off save after exit, setting up my directory paths for each core and hitting "Save New Configuration", when I restart RA & load said config my save directories are reset to default. I tried just going and manually putting them into the .cfg, but the file itself shows that it saved the custom save directory. What's weirder still is each config still maintains the path for my custom cheat directory. I'm following the same steps I did when I was trying out 1.3.6, and it worked fine on that build.

Does anyone know how to remedy this?

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