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Pinball FX2 Table Clear Logos


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Pinball FX2 Table Clear Logos

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I did not create all the clear logos in this pack, i am uploading them here to save people time in getting Pinball FX2 setup in LaunchBox.

Included in this Table Clear Logos set:

Pinball FX2 Mega Docklets Style Wheel Clear Logos.
Thanks to Draco1962 who created them on GameEX for PinballX.
Heres a link to go thank him for his work: https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/16014-mega-docklets-style-pinball-fx2-wheel-images/

Pinball FX2 Wheel Clear Logos.
Thanks to 32assassin from VPUniverse who created them.

(i have updated them to include some of the missing clear logos for some of the later DLC tables.)

Pinball FX2 Custom Wheel Clear Logos.
Thanks to Victor from http://pinballvirtual.es/ for the Media Packs.

If any of the creators above dont want their work to be posted here please let me know and i will remove it.


How to add them to LaunchBox.


    Rename the PNG file exactly the same name of the desired table as it is named in LaunchBox.
    Copy/paste *.PNG files in your ...\ LaunchBox \ Images \ Pinball FX2 \ Clear Logo.
    Delete the old logos (if present).
    Launch BigBox and go into -> Options -> Image Cache and Refresh Game Wheel Images.


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