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Big Box - Auto Play assigned music


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Hey all,


So i'm having an issue with Big Box (Version 7.16).


In Launch Box, I have assigned an mp3 to two DOS Games.

When you hover over those games, they each play the assigned track.


However, in Big Box, they only play when going into Game Details view and selecting 'Play Music', or pressing 'M' when highlighting  the relevant game in 'list view'.


I'm looking for a way so that when you go into a Games Details page, it auto plays the assigned song.

I believe I have everything set up as it should in Big Box.

....Options > Video (I have everything disabled so it's not trying to play any video audio instead [i don't have any video files anyway])

....Options > Sound (I have tried ticking both 'Auto-play music in Games List' and 'Auto-play music in Games Details', I have 'priotize soundtrack music over video audio' ticked also)

It still won't play the assigned music until I press 'M' or 'play music' from the details page.

Am I doing something wrong?

The mp3's reside in Launchbox/music/ms-dos and named the same as the game....launchbox saw them straight away.


any help would be much appreciated.


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