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Windows Command-Line parameters (Gabriel knight)


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Hi There!

I figured this would be the place to post this, so here it goes:

I have the 20thanniversary version of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Since i'm having trouble getting the right datafiles for ScummVM for this one (if it is even playable on ScummVM..) I'm just running it as a windows game. The only downside (since i want to play in bigbox and want to be interrupted by screens or options as little as possible when i start a game) is that this 20th anniversary version starts up with a resolution box which makes you choose a resolution along with some other options that are not important to me. You can press play on the bottom left immediately, starting up the game. 

Is there a way to skip this resolution/option box completely? AKA is there a command-line parameter i can add to windows games (either in the path or command-line parameter line of the options in launchbox's editing screen for the game) that will skip this box? it would be really helpfull!

thx in advance.


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