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Black screen trying to view magazine as manuals in Bigbox


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In my Lb setup I have a platform category "Magazines" with a platform "Nintendo Power". Each "rom" in the platform is a pdf which is configured to be launchable  directly by windows (that is to say there is no emulator associated with the rom). I also have the manual field of the rom as the same pdf; so the game application file and the manual file have the same value.

In BB when I launch the game, the default pdf viewer (in this case chrome) launches normally and works as you'd expect, when I "view manual" it attempts to launch but the screen is just black. It feels like controls are still working (exit anyway) just no picture is being rendered. 

Normal roms, like a run-of-the-mill NES game does not exhibit this behavior and displays normally using the view manual function.

If I add one of the magazines to a normal rom as it's manual I get the same black screen

I ran the existing pdfs through pdftk thinking maybe the file was damaged somehow but pdftk did not complain about any errors and the newly generated pdf has the same problem

Running latest beta, there are no errors and there does not appear to be any logging that I can find

The only thing I can see that is really different about these files is they are quite a big larger than a standard manual. A normal game manual on the high end is maybe 6 megs, whereas the these scans range from 40-200 megs.

Any ideas?  Viewing it as a manual using the embedded viewer is desirable over chrome for a couple reasons, not least of which is the controller support.

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