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Theme videos doesn't resepct video directory choice


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Greetings fellow enthusiasts. In an effort to save space on my main SSD, I went into each platform and changed the directory for videos to that of another directory on a different hard drive in the same PC. The regular video snaps respect this directory specification, and download to where I designated (D:\Videos\MAME) when I run "download metadata and media", however the theme videos do not, and populate in (C:\Users\\LaunchBox\Videos\MAME\Theme). 

Is there a separate option to designate where the theme videos should be stored? 

I suppose I could just move the theme videos over when this completes, however i'm uncertain as to why the theme videos don't respect the video folder path I set when I edited the path in 'edit platform'.

Thank you all very much in advance.


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so all of the fancy theme videos go over to C:, despite choosing the d: drive. If I move them over to the D:\videos\mame\themes, they aren't detected by BIGBOX, only if they are in Launchbox\videos\mame\themes. I set BIGBOX to prioritize theme videos, and they only get picked up if in C:. All of the regular snaps download to my d: drive correctly, and get picked up by BIGBOX based on me setting the video folder to d: 

I could always just copy and paste them over to d: and just overwrite the regular snaps, as I prefer the fancier ones anyway.

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This is still happening with the current build of launchbox. I tried to move the movies on a different drive and when updating the metadata; got few GB of data downloaded again, because the app did not respect the videos location for the theme videos.

Any chance to fix this? It is quite a troublesome bug to be honest, especially if you rely on launchbox to keep up with the metadata.

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